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Thursday, April 28, 2005

People and Alienation.

So I've noticed that, since the late 70's, there has been a sort of general malaise sweeping through the west. Its main symptom of mean spiritedness is exacerbated by others such as burying one's head in the sand, procrastination and jealousy. I've provisionally named it "arseholism" after being infected by it myself a few times. Fortunately for me however, I seem to have developed some kind of immunity to the ostrichism and have found ways of medicating myself to relieve the other symptoms.

If you suspect that you may be suffering from this largely undiagnosable condition then I would recommend a very short course of spending all your money on drugs & alcohol, followed by a period of poverty therapy. You will probably experiance acute, crippling resurgences of being an arsehole during your treatment and these should be dosed with very loud music accompanied by allnight dancing and sexual promiscuity.

Unfortunately, the treatment can have unpredictable side effects, but like with chemotherapy for cancer, the alternatives are grim. Just imagine what it must be like to realise you are dying, look back at your life and realise that, mainly, you were an arsehole.

The worst problem of course is the ostrichism part though, because this will tend to prevent a sufferer from realising that they have been infected and will usually convince them that they like being an arsehole. Personally, I'm hoping that this proves to be genetic and that the next AIDS/SARS/Bird Flu-stylee epidemic targets people with that gene. It's a vain hope I know so in the meantime most of you can FUCK OFF AND DIE!

Why don't you commit suicide and have your biomass ground up and spread on Brazilian fields so that rainforrest can grow back? At least then your irresponsible rapaciousness will be somewhat ameliorated.

Yes, alienation can be one of the side effects of the cure for arseholism. When almost everyone around you has the disease and you know you can be reinfected it tends to limit your options for socialising. Why should anyone care though? If arseholism makes a person content to live with it, shouldn't we continue to actively promote it? Well we could, but it leads on to a much more serious condition, an often misrepresented Obsessive Compulsive Disorder called Greed which is not just fucking up society but also the whole planet.

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