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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What's so good about being hard working?

Yeah this one sucked me in at an early age, so I spent huge amounts of time doing things.

Anytime not asleep, I had to be doing something. Anything really and as hard as possible: studying, earning money, doing favours, sport or continuous distraction when other things were impossible. The distraction became an artform after discovering drugs & alcohol. As my addictions became the main focus of my life, I could combine the distraction and hard work, the more drugs I took, the more hard work needed to pay for them. In the end I would regularly go for 10 days or longer without sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time, just working and getting wasted.

It was a waste. It took me so long to realise why the distraction was necessary: because I didn't actually want to work hard at useless occupations. Every moment spent taking part in this corrupt, corrupting and ultimately pointless way of life was another little piece of my integrity eaten away.

So now I don't work hard per se, just hard enough to get the task done. The energy left goes into taking plenty of time to work out if there's any real point and decide whether I actually want to do it.

What if everyone thought like this? The economy would grind to a halt!

Well maybe. Things would certainly be different. There'd be a lot less useless junk produced for no other reason than making some unscrupulous wanker rich enough to consume more useless junk more conspicuously than their neighbours.
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