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Friday, April 22, 2005

Who are these decent, hard-working people anyway?


Well, you know what, the people I've met who start their polemics with this and its' companion phrase 'Law Abiding Citizens' (and we will get to hypocrisy) tend to be exactly the same people who advocate bringing back hanging. Of course the older ones also advocate corporal punishment, the birch, a short sharp shock! That phrase gets used a lot for sending people to jail as well, which is apparently a holiday camp (so what's the point?). No, jail should be hard, they're there to be punished!

Having been on the receiving end of the criminal justice system, I have to say that jail is pretty bad. If I had had to contemplate the thought of an American-stylee sentence for the fairly minor crimes I committed (drug related theft, fraud and some more serious offences whilst evading custody), I could have easily committed deliberate murder. So yeah, I could have been on a life sentence. I mean, if my life was over anyway, any chance of doing anything while I was young enough to enjoy it gone, why not risk everything? I mean, if all I had to look forward to was getting out of jail in my 50's or 60's anyway, why not just kill the witnesses or arresting officers?

Why not? Well, there's morality of course. I mean effing hell, you can't just kill someone can you? Well apparently you can, soldiers do it all the time, they're normal lads one minute, the next they're killing machines, right? They all get training for six months and then they go to their regiments where most of them receive no further combat training. So what if a person grew up in an environment where life was hard, if you already had a close bond with your friends? Not aquaintances: the people you left behind as you grew up, but friends; the people you adopted instead of familiy because your biological relatives just couldn't give you the support you needed, would you kill too, for them? Is it any wonder that the British Army has recently launched a recruitment campaign in British inner city areas?

Well, you know what? It's time to revert to alcohol binging and unmarried sex, shame I couldn't be arsed to get some illegal stimulants but, hey what can you do?

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