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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ascending from the Abyss to the Heights of Depravity

So a friend emailed me saying that, on a blog I had been commenting on, somebody had suggested that since I had to be away for a while, I had been forcibly carted off! Oh no, my friends, when it comes to evading the forces of Law, Order, Common Decency, Psychiatry et al. I am a past master. No, I merely had to allow some time for more red blood cells to grow in my alcohol & drug system and that mission successfully completed, I'm back with that much more spleen to vent.

Apparently, much of his flaming & my righteous(LOL) defence were deleted from the thread, but since my antagonist was clearly a supporter of war-mongering & also a moron to boot (and I mean this last quite literally), I frankly can't be arsed to investigate. Besides, after a 2 week Chlordiazepoxide fuelled detox, it's not like I can actually remember much of the argument now anyway!

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