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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's been a long hard road...

Well it seems I was a little premature in announcing my return earlier...

The old metabolism is working well now though.

Did any of you miss me?

Like fuck did you!

Read the comments on the last post?

Don't fuckin bother. But if you must...

I've left 'em there as an example of what we're up against:
unbridled bullshit in the pursuit of capitate capitalism.

Capitate means 'having a knob' by the way, although, in this instance I'm thinking they are knobs, but hey, the aliteration scans well.

And what, I hear you type, is the old spikey one upto now?
Writing a novel.

Is it any good?
Hmmm, course it is, fuckwit!

Will we see it in print?
Dunno. 90 odd A4 pages of size 12 Times New Roman in...
It's going well, but there's a lot of swearing, stuff that could well be construed as inciting religeous hatred or blasphemy plus explicit sex, violence and drug taking... hey, they do say 'write about what you know!'
There are also a few passages which may be illegal to print because they explain how certain crimes are done and got away with, plus some stuff which might be an incitement to suicide...
I think it will need a risk taking publisher,

We'll see.

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