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Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh yeah, and i forgot about this, from yonks ago...

Sadly, we're not likely to see the US destroyed in the near future, even if the globe continues to warm. So we'll just have to hope that Americans voluntarily pack it in. It's a cat in hell's chance, I know, but this gave me a little hope to go on with... Go!

In fairness to them, there's always Michael Moore as well.

Plus: Green Day, my Goddess love 'em for tryers!
(and whose site was down when i tried to get to it just now. sheer idiocy, but what can you do?)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger edjog said...

fuck off... just fuck off... i'm bored now... and i mean it this time.

fuck you and the carrier wave you rode in on...
with a broomstick wrapped in barbed wire.

fucked now though, incha?


30/9/05 10:11  

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