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Friday, October 28, 2005

i've gotta .gif animator...

And by fuck am i gonna use it! There's a new 1 as a footer too...

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So, as promised, it's here.

The sites are arranged in order of mellowness, starting with the most laid-back and progressing to full on hard as. I've only dipped into many of them, so they may well get a reshuffle at some point. I'm planning to add more and categorise them, with submenus into: Chill, Lounge/Downtempo, Out There, On One, Kickin & Nails. So far, if the site loaded before i got impatient and i could get a decent tune with minimal effort, it went on the list. Any suggestions as to other links (and from what category please) are welcome in the comments of this post, but no: constant ads, chat, or pop/top40. If you want any of that, or don't understand the terms, you're on the wrong site: fuck off. I might add a Chat section, depends on requests and if i find anything i like the attitude of. Also, any complaints about arse content, instability or anything else that irritates you about any of the stations should go here.

Obviously i recommend them all so far, but of special note:
  • tormented radio ~ a bit unstable @128kbps but worth it, definitely Out There.
  • DFM RTV INT ~ all cool, some bizzare, some very weird stuff.
  • DJ Dread @itsReggae.com ~ almost non-stop Marley & re-mixes of.
  • Minimal-Dub.de ~ not dub but mmmmmmmm & good mixes.
  • Philosomatika ~ 100% Psychedelic Trance (no vocal bullshit).
  • Mysteria: The Club Experience ~ swedish: click 'Lyssna Nu!' for sublime mixes.
  • Phuture Frequency Radio ~ despite some dickhead chat: cool Drum'n'Bass.
Re: Dogpile has been put down ~ Nothing against 'em but Avenue-it is better, it offers more search engines, including Dogpile.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Why is there a big black space?

Next to the Dogpile Search form... i know. Crap innit?

Working on a radio tuner for there right now.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005



Nothing to do with The War on Spam, this is my own viral anti-marketing campaign which starts right here. Currently it focuses mainly on free iPods, but i expect there'll be more. Not that there's anything wrong with iPods: brilliant things and not surprising, since they're made by Apple. However, offering one for 'free' when what they actually mean is that you need to generate around £1000 worth of business for subsidiary offers in order to qualify for one seems a bit of a liberty with the english language.

Are you irritated by the ridiculous and quasi-legal practices of online advertisers? If so, follow the title link of this post. You'll need to have Popups enabled in your browser to get the full effect. Don't forget to email the link to your friend(s).

If you'd rather skip the ironic 1st page, or don't want to risk being bombarded with Popups originating from any other pages you may also have open, you can get straight to the iPod section at: iPod spamdunk. Again, don't forget to send it on.

{OK, some technical difficulties there but iPod_spamdunk is now live. 22:42 GMT}

{23/10/05 01:10 ~ So, i've just been told that the script to open iPod_spamdunk doesn't work on a pc! What's this then, selective javascript, or just junk? Obviously, with the world under the Gates-ian heel, i'll be looking into this, because there'd be no point trying to run a viral strategy otherwise. DLA's already know this but, for those poor benighted souls out there: get a Mac, they're tools not toys.}

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Friday, October 21, 2005

yes, it's all gone a bit pete tong...

So, the scrollable news/comment has arrived but it seems to have stopped the panther .gif from working. Also, there's no way to navigate back inside the frame yet. And it's all a bit scruffy, eh? Well, i'm doing my best. Can't seem to suss how to get a sidebar on each side of the main text area. Any suggestions here would be welcome...

Anyway, i'm fucked so i'm off to bed. Back at it tomorrow.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

David who... who cares?

So the battle for the leadership of the UK Conservative Party comes down to a choice between David Nice-but-dim and David Lurkin-like-a-gherkin. The former: an Etonian Tony Blair wannabe who learned his politics working for the Tories during the last gasp of Thatcherism before, probably wisely, buggering off into business for a while, or the latter: a somewhat sinister presence behind much of the farcical recent Tory 'shakeups', who is nonetheless, a hardline right winger wedded to the same market economics that the Neo-Cons are currently ruining the USA with.

To be fair, who gives a shit? It's not as if either of them will ever hold power. Thankfully, it seems that we in the UK have had the scales lifted from our eyes regarding all forms of Conservativism, its blatant hypocrisy and frankly ludicrous economics. Really, are we surprised? With the state of the place in the 90's? Are we fuck! All that remains for us, DLA's, to do is see off the most despicable of the revisionist tendencies of New Labour in order to maintain and expand the opportunities for education and co-prosperity which have characterised Britain since shortly after 1997.

Yes, dude(tte)s, it's time to get political again. It's not about keeping the jackboot off our necks anymore, in that battle, we've won. No, it's now about sticking it to 'em, good and hard.
Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. Henry Louis Mencken
That's right! And DLA's, what we want is sufficient education and co-prosperity, worldwide, to make government itself obsolete. Forget the Tories as opposition, they're all washed up. The only viable alternative to reign in Tony & Co. is the Liberal Democrats. So, if you don't want to just moan about the way things are, vote. It's the only opportunity to engage in the process of political change.

How does an anarchist reconcile engaging in the status quo with a desire to see all government cease? Simple. It's realpolitik. You must know that short of a natural disaster overtaking the world, there is no way to overthrow the hegemony of big business and its lap-dog, government. What is possible though, is to subvert government to our aims and so doing, allow them to go blithely on, thinking they are in control, until a critical mass is reached. A point where enough people in the world are able to conduct their affairs peacefully, without recourse to law enforcement etc, that anarchy will be a fait accompli.

The future is bright, and given that this will, in all probability, be an information age, technology led revolution: it may well be orange!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Due thanx

Thanx for the panther animated .gif go to Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory at The University of Oslo and although it looks like they might well be upto some moody business, whilst pining for the fjords, the .gif looks pretty cool against the Anarco-Syndicalist Flag, i think, which comes from anarchism.net. It will do for the time being anyway, until my mate gets round to providing DLA with a proper logo.

So, the panther is now hosted here, along with the new Smack X avatar, because it was hanging up whilst i was helping myself to OCL's bandwidth!

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Good dog!

So, DLA's it's out with Google, we're going Dogpile.

Why? Because Dogpile includes Google in it's searches plus Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and msn (well, what can you do?). The good thing with Google was that the results page could be customised to look more like this blog, but, in fairness, it wasn't that much like it anyway, because the font colours wouldn't match. The background was black certainly, which helped, because i find it easier to read light text on a dark background than vice versa, however the text stubbornly refused the subtler tones Douglas Bowman has designed into this template, rather going for the nearest garish version. So fuck 'em.

What's next? Well, i've been looking at RSS feeds, to get some updating news/comment on here, but so far they all seem to take up a huge amount of space on the page. What i'm aiming at will be a fixed frame with its own navbars, just under the Dogpile search field, but you'll have to wait for my understanding of javascript to reach that level of complexity. My HTML's coming along nicely though, eh?

I've also added this, the Dogpile 'Compare Search Engines Tool', below the Links field, but this may end up on a one way trip to the vet's, because when i tried to use it, it didn't seem to work properly. This may be because i'm using Mozilla, rather than MS Internet Explorer (boo, hiss!) now, but we shall see. Should it go the the Great Kennel-in-the-Sky, you can still find it in this post.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Licensing Maneuvers

So, i've shifted the Creative Commons License and Black Ribbon Logo to the foot of this blog to make room for more avatars... let's see 'em lads.

In case anyone is wondering what a License and a free speech movement logo are doing sharing the same paragraph, it's like this:
ANARCHISM , THE NAME GIVEN TO a principle or theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government--harmony in such a society being obtained, not by submission to law, or by obedience to any authority, but by free agreements concluded between the various groups, territorial and professional, freely constituted for the sake of production and consumption, as also for the satisfaction of the infinite variety of needs and aspirations of a civilized being.
Piotr Kropotkin from The Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th edition
(pasted from anarchism.net)
For the sake of not being harassed by the forces of reaction the License freely gives anyone the right to do whatever they like with the content of this blog, so long as they attribute it to the author and this website (also a link back to here would be polite, or a prominently displayed url in offline works). It's free and fair exchange: Disreputable Lazy Aliens wouldn't nick anybody else's work without proper attribution (unless they demanded a ridiculous payment for the use of it) and we hope to be treated similarly.

But, aren't we submitting to law, by displaying such a license? No. Are we bollocks. We are negating the need for the involvement of law by giving you the respect due to a reasonable person and hoping you will return the courtesy.

So, we won't be hearing about any litigation on behalf of DLA's over any infringement of this license then? That's right, you won't, but if we should discover that somebody has been so rude, be assured we will not take it up the bum... Let me repeat the warning from elsewhere in this blog:


For more info, follow the title link and check:

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Otherness & Alienation

So, DLA's, i've been conducting a rather unscientific experiment into the effects of the perception of 'otherness' on two unsuspecting constituencies of individuals whom one might normally expect to have a healthy, openminded attitude toward what they perceive as different from themselves. A bit mean perhaps, however, as it turns out, certainly not uncalled for and definitely instructive.
The method was simple: on September 29th 2005, i began posting on two internet forums using dark red text, like this, rather than the usual black. In all other ways I simply wrote as i would normally. I agreed with the gist of some threads, disagreed with others and offered my own experience and opinions where i thought they might add something to the debate. The Forums were MTCP.co.uk Forums and UKNA Message Boards. i had originally planned to run the experiment for a month.
The results showed a clear delineation having been reached after merely 18 days however, so i see no need to carry on. It is true that i roundly abused a member of the former for obvious bigotry however, not in language uncommon for an unmoderated site and indeed, reflecting the strength of feeling often encoutered there about just such subjects. This is one difference between the forums though, personal abuse is not tolerated on the latter, however, bearing this in mind, i did make several posts & elaborated upon them in Private Messages in something of a high handed tone there and suggested to several vocal posters that their use of the english language could be improved, to even up the balance, whilst using the scary looking picture at the top of this blog as an avatar. As i say, not scientific, but the best i could be arsed with...
It was clear after a few days that the denizens of MTCP.co.uk were taking offence at the red font and many questioned and/or persecuted me for it's use. I do have a slight visual impairment which makes it easier for me to read red text on a light blue background, (the unalterable default background of the forum) because i have to wear tinted specs, so i exaggerated this ailment to see if i would get any sympathy... my arse did i! On UKNA, i merely received two polite PM's asking me about it. The tone being set, i further undermined the 'scientific rigour', cross-pollinating by inviting some NA members onto a MTCP thread to see if a little support for my cause would make any difference... again, my arse!
I did end up posting more on NA eventually, 88 vs. 69, mainly because a lot of what i wrote on MTCP was self-defence, it got tiring... so i'm packing the red text in there.
Oh, i know, it's too late now, they hate my guts, but hey, i've already drawn your attention to my brass neck and it hasn't miraculously become any more tender!

So, what has any of this got to do with an excess of right thinking? Follow the title link & find out... In conclusion, it seems that, as a rough guide, one can expect more tolerance from those who have experienced a large degree of intolerence themselves. Shame this doesn't seem to hold true in Israel though, eh?

Professor Richard Sennet LSE

The Uses of Disorder: Personal Identity & City Life

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rodent Relief

Victims of Animal Rights Extremism website 'VARE'
anounces that harassing vivisectionists & their suppliers works!

The full text of which announcement can now be found 'Off The Main Page'.

Check the title link for info about how these guinea pigs were treated and become an extremist today, i say!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Now That's Fucked Up!

Thanks go to Michael Moore for bringing this to my attention. It's another one from MTCP.co.uk Forums.

Perhaps you think i'm exaggerating when i bemoan the sickness of the states. Well, follow the title link and then tell me in the comments if you still do...

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Monday, October 10, 2005


So i'm out from under the bonded servitude to MicroSoft, DLA's. The Gates-ian yoke has been lifted from my neck! Ah, it feels good...

Mozilla has been giving me no problems so far, unlike Internet Explorer, which would constantly be telling me i needed to install something else to access web content and then failing to connect to the relevant site, or failing to load the new software when it was downloaded.

i have to report having initial problems getting hold of Mozilla, because when i downloaded it, using IE, what landed on my desktop was labelled as an Excel file. As you may know, on a Mac, the file type is not usually determined by the extension, but rather by metadata stored in its resources, so the only way to change it is with a resource editor such as MacArmyKnife or Resorcerer. This would have been more aggravation than i wanted so i finally plumped for downloading a disk image for Netscape 7.2 and using that to achieve my goal. Funny how IE wouldn't let me get its competitor though, eh? Just coincidence, i'm sure!

You can also get great skins or themes for Mozilla too. i'm using one called LCARStreck myself, it's black with attractive coloured text/buttons etc, like this blog.

Mozilla isn't just a browser though, it is a suite of software for Browsing, Client Email & Newsgroups, IRC chat, Address Book and Composing web pages.

Click the title of this post, DLA's, go get it...

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

You've got to see this!

Thanx go to Jack Frost on  MTCP.co.uk Forum ~ Bush for this absolute gem! Click the title, turn up the volume and enjoy...

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The Fish People

Now, you may think you know a few things about The Fish People. You may even think that, somewhere out there, you'll be able to get some information...

Click the title: it's a ready made Google search!

Ah, but you, my faithful and perspicacious DLA's, know in your hearts that something's not quite right, eh? Well, come closer... i'll tell you a little... too much could put you in danger!

In 1984 (an auspicious year for weirdness: seeing the illegal distribution of Smiley Mushroom, Superman, Windowpane, White Lightning, Pink Panther, both Black & White Microdot LSD), a little known organisation called Mentla: The Official Opposition to Mensa was having one of it's usual head-wrecking sessions in my flat, close to the sea...
Though some of the mentla regulars had travelled from the hated coast of the Eastern Sea, well known to be cold & Grim, nevertheless, the denizens of the warmer Western, fission fueled, deep made contact. The plan was simple: World Domination!
Our weapons? Only razor sharp wit, honed through weeks or months long escapades into drug diseased paranoia. They were the descendants of Atlantis and would no longer make use of the terrible technologies that had brought their erstwhile empire to wrack and ruin.
We were inducted into the mysteries, swearing, by our new piscine siblings' fishy Goddess, never to reveal the nature of the rituals and oaths we conducted or the extent of the order we had joined. The coven was formed: we set about reading works by famous former members: Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' & Machiaveli's 'The Prince' to name but two and soon realised that the scaly sages had armed us with all we needed. Lasting power is not gained through force of arms, but by manipulation of information, nor kept by armies either, but by the effective ridiculing of one's enemies. In this way, a victory can be assured by simply being assumed, by sapping the opposition's will.
How come I'm able to let you know so much now? Well, that's crucial: it's all part of the plan. The balance has tipped, the die is cast, The Rubicon has been crossed, the bridges burned and the biscuit well and truly dunked in the tea! What do you think really happened to the production budget of Waterworld?
The first stage was to announce our presence, but subtly: we couldn't risk outright conflict before the doctrine was firmly established. You may have heard us, on late night discussion radio programs, before James Whale was even invented. The modus operandi was simple but ingenious: we rang up, engaging in a long waffle that was sufficiently bizarre as to keep the Station's personnel mesmerised, no longer thinking about using the delay function to prevent the message going to air and when we judged the timing to be right declared:


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Friday, October 07, 2005


So, it's a term of abuse, right? What's edjog on about now, the cocksucker?

No, DLA's, that's more of that Star Spangled Sickness.
Why should there be anything pejorative about giving a guy a shine? As anyone who has ever been blown will tell you: it's great! Why then the negative attitude? Perhaps we should say, "You hairdresser, you've just cut my hair and it looks excellent, you brainless twerp!" It's more of this desperate need to bring domination/subservience into sex and actually, as is often the case with with moronic attitudes, completely arse about face.
Check this...
Check the link from the title of this post and tell me who has the power, the heroically poised fellatee or the person with the fairly fragile penis between their teeth? But again, that's focussing on entirely the wrong aspect of this delightful display of affection/highly prized service: what does it matter who has control? Unless you're obsessed by that aspect of life, of course, and in which case: you're missing out on a lot of fun.

Lad's, when you get sucked off, do you think less of the person who did it? Perhaps you think along the lines of, "Ha! What a twat, I've had that cunt right off!" Well, if you do, i suggest you modify your attitude. See it for what it is and be grateful...

You'll get more of it that way!

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bigotry & Disrepute goes on...

i'm serious, DLA's. Now i'm the first to admit that i've got some brass neck, but even i would have realed it in after such a trouncing. Not OOPz though, or their supporters. No they waded in, heedless of the spines, & are getting what they most definately deserve: check it out!

'And at last ends the age of cant'... 'No more deluded by reaction'

It's great to have my mind working reasonably well again!

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bum Sex

So, what is it with all this bum sex then, eh?

i'm not on about traditional homosexual shirt-lifting here, but rather: man on woman booting the back door in. Is it because it's 'the last taboo'? Well, frankly it's not is it? There's underage sex (which seems also to be on an alarming rise). There's Bestiality, Necrophilia, Incest, Rape, doing it in public places, dangerous places, with unusual people, or any combination of the above...

Is it about domination? Well, i suspect we're getting to the nub of it now (fnah fnah). However, i don't believe this is an adequate explanation for the recent surge in the activity. In times past, men have been in a much more powerful position relative to women and yet we don't find references to rampant ring invasion in Shakspeare for instance, when it was customary for a visiting man to fondle the breasts of the wife of the house as a greeting, whilst we do get such veiled hints as 'country matters,' refering to your common or garden shagging. Perhaps it's a backlash then? A desperate need in men to try to retain an upper hand in a world where women are becoming increasingly powerful? Closer, i consider, but still no cigar. Women have always and will always hold all the aces when it comes to sex, because they decide when, how and if it happens: anything else is rape. It's a broad generalisation for sure, but not too wide of the mark, to say that most young men would be prepared to have sex at almost any time and, given that they wouldn't have to suffer any negetive consequences as a result, with almost any woman. Therefore, a woman's right to decide has always given her enormous power, that hasn't changed recently.

So what has? Well, i put it down to american porn. In a country that has an order of magnitude more murders than anywhere else, a bitterly divided population living in what is tantamount to armed seige, some of the richest individuals yet an income for the average family that would not keep a single person in europe, the men over there are fucking stressed. That's before you factor in their ridiculous, outmoded and hypocritical religious standpoints or far rightous moralising, plus a very poor education. Are we surprised that these men seek to turn on women and degrade them as easy targets to bolster their flagging egos? Or, at least, fantasise about doing so? I'm not.

Oh, i've heard all sorts of arguments for the chocolate starfish approach: it's tighter, you can't get pregnant, i'm curious, etc. but the bottom line is that shite comes out of that hole, it can be painful for the woman and dangerous. If you click on the title of this post and read the site it takes you to, you'll see what i mean. Now, i must confess that i've tried it, in the name of curiosity, both with a condom and without. In fairness, i've done a lot of mental things whilst off my fucking head and i generally wouldn't recommend many of them unless you have a pressing reason. With the former, the smell of nonoxynol-9 mixed with anal mucous and shit was almost enough to make me vomit; in the latter case, you're left with a nasty residue on your cock. It's just not nice. We also have birth control now, you know?

Tight's not everything: so you've drank a fair bit or taken some other intoxicant and no matter how hard you bang away, you're not going to come; getting tired, perhaps? Well just have a break, try something less physically tiring, like getting her on top, mutual oral, a soapy tit wank while you finger fuck her or something, for a bit. Don't be so selfish, it's not all about you coming, just because you've got a hard-on. Have you ever thought that this might be the perfect time to slow the whole thing down a bit and pay close attention to how your partner responds to different techniques? You're not going to come soon anyway, so you might as well see if you can do something for her that will really float her boat, the sort of thing that you can't do when you can only just hold out long enough for her to get a mild orgasm (and half the time she's faking mate, believe it). It's much more stimulating when she's trembling and delirious, her cunt muscles clenching on your knob, drawing it in spasmodically, from another powerful orgasm anyway and then more satisfying for you.

Lads, do her in the vag where she wants it for fuck's sake, leave them transatlantic no-hopers to their nasty humiliation, you're better than that.

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Bigotry & Disrepute

So after a bit of internal debate over whether this was purely self agrandisement, or not in fact instructional in the struggle, i thought, 'Fuck it, it's probably both, but it's my fucking blog and i'll agrandise away if i want to...'

This also comes from the MTCP.co.uk Forum 'General discussion' in a thread entitled: Children's names 'spell trouble' the relevant parts of which can now be found 'Off the Main Page', since it contains material which may be subject to copywrite.

You may remember that i propounded the view earlier in this blog that it was time to have the argument, in the post: Decency Revisited. (April Archive). Well DLA's, i suggest that this is precisely how to go about it and wish you every success in your own efforts. If you should get anywhere with it, please let me know, either commenting here or email me (edjog@37.com) and, if i like what i see, i'll add it to this trophy room/black museum.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Step 1, this belongs here too

i originally posted this on the UK Narcotics Anonymous web forum under the title 'i think i have actually got step 1' in the General discussions about Recovery section. For those of you who may not know, Step 1 is the first part of a 12 step recovery program:

"We admitted that we were powerless over our [insert obsessive, compulsive lunacy here], that our lives had become unmanageable."

So I was having a discussion the other day with a person who was trying to convince me that, had I had the same upbringing he had, I would see that killing your own daughter for the sake of your own integrity, because she had sex with a person from another religion, was perfectly understandable.

I begged to differ, maintaining that: a person's integrity is very important, but maintained through keeping their own affairs in order.

The discussion became a little heated because, apparently, I didn't understand. I was happy to inform my antagonist that I didn't, and what's more, I was glad of that.

Now, three months ago, I could not have left it at that. I would have shouted the odds all night if necessary and may well have been up for a fight. Today, I realise it's just not about me being right anymore. I'm powerless over his opinions and I genuinely feel sorry that he has them. Not because they are contrary to my own, but because they are very likely to cause him, and those he loves, grief.

However, I'm not powerless over mine and am able to state them respectfully, relatively calmly and best of all, with real good intentions.

That's what I call integrity and it feels great to actually have some at last!

Looking back on the evening in question, I also realise that I didn't have to go through my usual process of reacting to a feeling, catching myself at it, apologising for whatever acting out [bad behaviour resulting from trying to defend oneself from uncomfortable feelings] had already begun, getting flustered while I tried to apply my program [12 steps] to the situation, not really doing myself justice thereafter because of being flustered and being in feelings [resentment/self pity/anger/etc.] about that for days afterwards, whinging along to my sponsor and local fellowship [fellow recovering addicts].

I just behaved pretty appropriately.


Not that any of this will stop me from using this blog to, with the least respect possible, decry those opinions and/or persons whom i despise. The arse-wanking cunts...

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I'm not so worried as I used to be...

So i originally posted this on the MTCP.co.uk Forum 'Bush,' but then decided it belongs here also:

Not that long ago i used to get pretty stressed out about dubya & co. Not that if i met him, i'd be able to restrain myself from giving him a swift kick in the knackers you understand, it's just that it's been dawning on me for a while that although they are scum, they're not actually as rich or powerful as they'd like us to think they are. And this disgraceful bullshit he's been spouting since Katrina tends to confirm my view for me.
It's all very well to go fascist bully boy-ing your way round the world, with the threat of a modern army etc. and 'the most powerful man in the world'* with his finger on the button to back you up, but at some point the rhetoric has to become reality: where's the fuckin wedge? The mula? The readies? Keeping a large military force on active service has bankrupted more than one country before.
(* and that's bollox. the only thing that backs the claim up is the nuclear arsenal. However, like a large weight dropping on your head, past a certain point, it really doesn't matter how big it is, just whether they could stand the politcal fallout of using even one H bomb. i can't see even lick-spittle Tony slurping that one up)

Whether the US likes it or not, we have entered the information age. Their bloated posturing and sabre rattling to secure a strong position in the middle east is just that: a vain effort to squeeze the last few dollars out of an economic system which is geared up for the trading of physical things, heavily dependant on steel and almost wholly on oil. It won't last. The djinn is out of the bottle once more and after fifty thousand years waiting for us to leave stone axes alone, it's fucked if it's going back in. Nicholas Negroponte's switch will drag us by the gonads into the future, no matter what we do now, because emerging nations, especially in the east, aren't going to sit around feeding off the scraps from our western table forever. As soon as countries like India and China decide to equip their populaces with modern communications infrastructure, they'll do it with what's at the cutting edge, not relying on some hackneyd notion about market forces or healthy competition to provide the poorly integrated and strategically unplanned systems which we have here now. We in the west will have to modernise to keep up.

Now, do you think that the US, whose oil deficit could be all but wiped out, so they could rely on domestic production, by the simple expedient of requiring US cars to meet the same efficiency standards as we have in europe, but refuse to do so, is in any shape to take on a dynamic new world? My skinny stinking arse it is.

From where i'm sitting, this is no bad thing. It's not just the neo-cons i've got a bone to pick with. For sure, you get some decent americans, but by and large i'd be happy to see actual newsreel footage of the Statue of Bigotry swamped under a trillion ton tidal wave and an economic disaster would do just as well. Their only lifeline is whatever can be swindled out of the world and turned into controlling shares in the industries of the rest of the world, because it seems obvious that US industry has no chance, but considering their beligerent and uncooperative attitude now, who's going to be concerned about honouring trade agreements/treaties etc. when they can't afford to do anything about it? Nobody suddenly becomes mates with the school bully and helps them out when we're all grown up, eh?

Sadly, this seems to be what they are attempting to do, but with very little sophistication. Like a two year old screaming 'mine' at the top of it's lungs. The trouble with this difficult child though, is that right now it has got a gun in its hands. Well, if it was a kid you might feel minded to try to take it away, knowing full well that you might get hurt. Not me, it's not my child and lock the fucking door behind us, i say. Wait for the bang. Hopefully it'll get one right through the head and save us all any further greif. Don't do business with 'em.

i know i should have added links to back up or illuminate this long waffle, but hey, i just couldn't be arsed. If it gets much feedback i'll do so post-prandially. Have a good munch,


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