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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bigotry & Disrepute

So after a bit of internal debate over whether this was purely self agrandisement, or not in fact instructional in the struggle, i thought, 'Fuck it, it's probably both, but it's my fucking blog and i'll agrandise away if i want to...'

This also comes from the MTCP.co.uk Forum 'General discussion' in a thread entitled: Children's names 'spell trouble' the relevant parts of which can now be found 'Off the Main Page', since it contains material which may be subject to copywrite.

You may remember that i propounded the view earlier in this blog that it was time to have the argument, in the post: Decency Revisited. (April Archive). Well DLA's, i suggest that this is precisely how to go about it and wish you every success in your own efforts. If you should get anywhere with it, please let me know, either commenting here or email me (edjog@37.com) and, if i like what i see, i'll add it to this trophy room/black museum.

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