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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bum Sex

So, what is it with all this bum sex then, eh?

i'm not on about traditional homosexual shirt-lifting here, but rather: man on woman booting the back door in. Is it because it's 'the last taboo'? Well, frankly it's not is it? There's underage sex (which seems also to be on an alarming rise). There's Bestiality, Necrophilia, Incest, Rape, doing it in public places, dangerous places, with unusual people, or any combination of the above...

Is it about domination? Well, i suspect we're getting to the nub of it now (fnah fnah). However, i don't believe this is an adequate explanation for the recent surge in the activity. In times past, men have been in a much more powerful position relative to women and yet we don't find references to rampant ring invasion in Shakspeare for instance, when it was customary for a visiting man to fondle the breasts of the wife of the house as a greeting, whilst we do get such veiled hints as 'country matters,' refering to your common or garden shagging. Perhaps it's a backlash then? A desperate need in men to try to retain an upper hand in a world where women are becoming increasingly powerful? Closer, i consider, but still no cigar. Women have always and will always hold all the aces when it comes to sex, because they decide when, how and if it happens: anything else is rape. It's a broad generalisation for sure, but not too wide of the mark, to say that most young men would be prepared to have sex at almost any time and, given that they wouldn't have to suffer any negetive consequences as a result, with almost any woman. Therefore, a woman's right to decide has always given her enormous power, that hasn't changed recently.

So what has? Well, i put it down to american porn. In a country that has an order of magnitude more murders than anywhere else, a bitterly divided population living in what is tantamount to armed seige, some of the richest individuals yet an income for the average family that would not keep a single person in europe, the men over there are fucking stressed. That's before you factor in their ridiculous, outmoded and hypocritical religious standpoints or far rightous moralising, plus a very poor education. Are we surprised that these men seek to turn on women and degrade them as easy targets to bolster their flagging egos? Or, at least, fantasise about doing so? I'm not.

Oh, i've heard all sorts of arguments for the chocolate starfish approach: it's tighter, you can't get pregnant, i'm curious, etc. but the bottom line is that shite comes out of that hole, it can be painful for the woman and dangerous. If you click on the title of this post and read the site it takes you to, you'll see what i mean. Now, i must confess that i've tried it, in the name of curiosity, both with a condom and without. In fairness, i've done a lot of mental things whilst off my fucking head and i generally wouldn't recommend many of them unless you have a pressing reason. With the former, the smell of nonoxynol-9 mixed with anal mucous and shit was almost enough to make me vomit; in the latter case, you're left with a nasty residue on your cock. It's just not nice. We also have birth control now, you know?

Tight's not everything: so you've drank a fair bit or taken some other intoxicant and no matter how hard you bang away, you're not going to come; getting tired, perhaps? Well just have a break, try something less physically tiring, like getting her on top, mutual oral, a soapy tit wank while you finger fuck her or something, for a bit. Don't be so selfish, it's not all about you coming, just because you've got a hard-on. Have you ever thought that this might be the perfect time to slow the whole thing down a bit and pay close attention to how your partner responds to different techniques? You're not going to come soon anyway, so you might as well see if you can do something for her that will really float her boat, the sort of thing that you can't do when you can only just hold out long enough for her to get a mild orgasm (and half the time she's faking mate, believe it). It's much more stimulating when she's trembling and delirious, her cunt muscles clenching on your knob, drawing it in spasmodically, from another powerful orgasm anyway and then more satisfying for you.

Lads, do her in the vag where she wants it for fuck's sake, leave them transatlantic no-hopers to their nasty humiliation, you're better than that.

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Blogger Nancyrowina said...

I was just approving your blog for brit blog when I read this, I haven't laughed so much in ages. Brave subject to blog about too...

7/10/05 20:18  

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