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Friday, October 07, 2005


So, it's a term of abuse, right? What's edjog on about now, the cocksucker?

No, DLA's, that's more of that Star Spangled Sickness.
Why should there be anything pejorative about giving a guy a shine? As anyone who has ever been blown will tell you: it's great! Why then the negative attitude? Perhaps we should say, "You hairdresser, you've just cut my hair and it looks excellent, you brainless twerp!" It's more of this desperate need to bring domination/subservience into sex and actually, as is often the case with with moronic attitudes, completely arse about face.
Check this...
Check the link from the title of this post and tell me who has the power, the heroically poised fellatee or the person with the fairly fragile penis between their teeth? But again, that's focussing on entirely the wrong aspect of this delightful display of affection/highly prized service: what does it matter who has control? Unless you're obsessed by that aspect of life, of course, and in which case: you're missing out on a lot of fun.

Lad's, when you get sucked off, do you think less of the person who did it? Perhaps you think along the lines of, "Ha! What a twat, I've had that cunt right off!" Well, if you do, i suggest you modify your attitude. See it for what it is and be grateful...

You'll get more of it that way!

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