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Thursday, October 20, 2005

David who... who cares?

So the battle for the leadership of the UK Conservative Party comes down to a choice between David Nice-but-dim and David Lurkin-like-a-gherkin. The former: an Etonian Tony Blair wannabe who learned his politics working for the Tories during the last gasp of Thatcherism before, probably wisely, buggering off into business for a while, or the latter: a somewhat sinister presence behind much of the farcical recent Tory 'shakeups', who is nonetheless, a hardline right winger wedded to the same market economics that the Neo-Cons are currently ruining the USA with.

To be fair, who gives a shit? It's not as if either of them will ever hold power. Thankfully, it seems that we in the UK have had the scales lifted from our eyes regarding all forms of Conservativism, its blatant hypocrisy and frankly ludicrous economics. Really, are we surprised? With the state of the place in the 90's? Are we fuck! All that remains for us, DLA's, to do is see off the most despicable of the revisionist tendencies of New Labour in order to maintain and expand the opportunities for education and co-prosperity which have characterised Britain since shortly after 1997.

Yes, dude(tte)s, it's time to get political again. It's not about keeping the jackboot off our necks anymore, in that battle, we've won. No, it's now about sticking it to 'em, good and hard.
Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. Henry Louis Mencken
That's right! And DLA's, what we want is sufficient education and co-prosperity, worldwide, to make government itself obsolete. Forget the Tories as opposition, they're all washed up. The only viable alternative to reign in Tony & Co. is the Liberal Democrats. So, if you don't want to just moan about the way things are, vote. It's the only opportunity to engage in the process of political change.

How does an anarchist reconcile engaging in the status quo with a desire to see all government cease? Simple. It's realpolitik. You must know that short of a natural disaster overtaking the world, there is no way to overthrow the hegemony of big business and its lap-dog, government. What is possible though, is to subvert government to our aims and so doing, allow them to go blithely on, thinking they are in control, until a critical mass is reached. A point where enough people in the world are able to conduct their affairs peacefully, without recourse to law enforcement etc, that anarchy will be a fait accompli.

The future is bright, and given that this will, in all probability, be an information age, technology led revolution: it may well be orange!

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Blogger H5N1 said...

Using the idea of Realpolitik though, I think we need to change our strategy. Perhaps if we all became tories (perish the thought!) and set up alternative Conservative organisations in key constituencies, we could spread the vote so thin that we in fact lose Conservative seats in those areas.

Okay, it iinvolves us getting really dirty, we have to pretend to be tories, but hell we need to turn the weaknesses of our supposed democratic system against itself!!!!

You first Edjog... ;) Tell us, what makes you a good Conservative candidate!

21/10/05 02:09  
Blogger H5N1 said...

ARRGGHHHH!!!! Curse my fucking shit Apple Powerbook keyboard with iits dodgy double ii iinducing keyboard...

21/10/05 02:11  
Blogger edjog said...

Well, apparently they don't mind people who have taken drugs anymore. A few of 'em have ended up in jail also, so maybe you're right.

Vote edjog! For a return to real family values! Disfunction for all, not just those who can afford therapy! We, in the new caring edjog party, will give everyone an account so that they can select the disfunction of their choice, not be saddled with whatever their local environment determines!

Under the next edjog government people will be able to determine whether they prefer addiction, anger management problems, anorexia, emotional instability, inability to form healthy relationships, self harming, suicidal tendencies or any combination of the above.

Having chosen their own problems, people can hardly expect the NHS to pay for treatment. It's what i call my new private head-fuck initiative and will save the decent, hard-working tax payer millions!

21/10/05 13:55  
Blogger edjog said...

has my making this page wider given you problems on your laptop?

21/10/05 13:57  
Blogger H5N1 said...

Ha ha - you know you have my vote. Perhaps you can stand in Woodspring and oust Liam Fox for us?!

Fucking mental health support here sucks already - four months I've been waiting to see a councillor!!! Okay, I'm finally on some pills which kind of work, but I kind of need to work through some shit and make sure I don't end up in this position again. Don't understand why the support isn't there - at the end of the day, what is likely to cost more in the long run, to provide decent support to people before they really screw up or to end up with everyone on pills claiming benefits for the rest of their lives?

My brother's been in hospital for ten fucking months now and they still aren't letting him out for anymore than half hour a week because they haven't got the staff to accompany him on outings. He's really down at the moment. I can't understand how keeping him locked up all the fucking time is meant to help with that.

By the way, no probs with the extra width - if it's any help for making adjustments and testing your blog in future, most Powerbook resolutions are 1280x854 and iBooks are 1024x768.

21/10/05 16:04  

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