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Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm not so worried as I used to be...

So i originally posted this on the MTCP.co.uk Forum 'Bush,' but then decided it belongs here also:

Not that long ago i used to get pretty stressed out about dubya & co. Not that if i met him, i'd be able to restrain myself from giving him a swift kick in the knackers you understand, it's just that it's been dawning on me for a while that although they are scum, they're not actually as rich or powerful as they'd like us to think they are. And this disgraceful bullshit he's been spouting since Katrina tends to confirm my view for me.
It's all very well to go fascist bully boy-ing your way round the world, with the threat of a modern army etc. and 'the most powerful man in the world'* with his finger on the button to back you up, but at some point the rhetoric has to become reality: where's the fuckin wedge? The mula? The readies? Keeping a large military force on active service has bankrupted more than one country before.
(* and that's bollox. the only thing that backs the claim up is the nuclear arsenal. However, like a large weight dropping on your head, past a certain point, it really doesn't matter how big it is, just whether they could stand the politcal fallout of using even one H bomb. i can't see even lick-spittle Tony slurping that one up)

Whether the US likes it or not, we have entered the information age. Their bloated posturing and sabre rattling to secure a strong position in the middle east is just that: a vain effort to squeeze the last few dollars out of an economic system which is geared up for the trading of physical things, heavily dependant on steel and almost wholly on oil. It won't last. The djinn is out of the bottle once more and after fifty thousand years waiting for us to leave stone axes alone, it's fucked if it's going back in. Nicholas Negroponte's switch will drag us by the gonads into the future, no matter what we do now, because emerging nations, especially in the east, aren't going to sit around feeding off the scraps from our western table forever. As soon as countries like India and China decide to equip their populaces with modern communications infrastructure, they'll do it with what's at the cutting edge, not relying on some hackneyd notion about market forces or healthy competition to provide the poorly integrated and strategically unplanned systems which we have here now. We in the west will have to modernise to keep up.

Now, do you think that the US, whose oil deficit could be all but wiped out, so they could rely on domestic production, by the simple expedient of requiring US cars to meet the same efficiency standards as we have in europe, but refuse to do so, is in any shape to take on a dynamic new world? My skinny stinking arse it is.

From where i'm sitting, this is no bad thing. It's not just the neo-cons i've got a bone to pick with. For sure, you get some decent americans, but by and large i'd be happy to see actual newsreel footage of the Statue of Bigotry swamped under a trillion ton tidal wave and an economic disaster would do just as well. Their only lifeline is whatever can be swindled out of the world and turned into controlling shares in the industries of the rest of the world, because it seems obvious that US industry has no chance, but considering their beligerent and uncooperative attitude now, who's going to be concerned about honouring trade agreements/treaties etc. when they can't afford to do anything about it? Nobody suddenly becomes mates with the school bully and helps them out when we're all grown up, eh?

Sadly, this seems to be what they are attempting to do, but with very little sophistication. Like a two year old screaming 'mine' at the top of it's lungs. The trouble with this difficult child though, is that right now it has got a gun in its hands. Well, if it was a kid you might feel minded to try to take it away, knowing full well that you might get hurt. Not me, it's not my child and lock the fucking door behind us, i say. Wait for the bang. Hopefully it'll get one right through the head and save us all any further greif. Don't do business with 'em.

i know i should have added links to back up or illuminate this long waffle, but hey, i just couldn't be arsed. If it gets much feedback i'll do so post-prandially. Have a good munch,


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