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Monday, October 10, 2005


So i'm out from under the bonded servitude to MicroSoft, DLA's. The Gates-ian yoke has been lifted from my neck! Ah, it feels good...

Mozilla has been giving me no problems so far, unlike Internet Explorer, which would constantly be telling me i needed to install something else to access web content and then failing to connect to the relevant site, or failing to load the new software when it was downloaded.

i have to report having initial problems getting hold of Mozilla, because when i downloaded it, using IE, what landed on my desktop was labelled as an Excel file. As you may know, on a Mac, the file type is not usually determined by the extension, but rather by metadata stored in its resources, so the only way to change it is with a resource editor such as MacArmyKnife or Resorcerer. This would have been more aggravation than i wanted so i finally plumped for downloading a disk image for Netscape 7.2 and using that to achieve my goal. Funny how IE wouldn't let me get its competitor though, eh? Just coincidence, i'm sure!

You can also get great skins or themes for Mozilla too. i'm using one called LCARStreck myself, it's black with attractive coloured text/buttons etc, like this blog.

Mozilla isn't just a browser though, it is a suite of software for Browsing, Client Email & Newsgroups, IRC chat, Address Book and Composing web pages.

Click the title of this post, DLA's, go get it...

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