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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So, as promised, it's here.

The sites are arranged in order of mellowness, starting with the most laid-back and progressing to full on hard as. I've only dipped into many of them, so they may well get a reshuffle at some point. I'm planning to add more and categorise them, with submenus into: Chill, Lounge/Downtempo, Out There, On One, Kickin & Nails. So far, if the site loaded before i got impatient and i could get a decent tune with minimal effort, it went on the list. Any suggestions as to other links (and from what category please) are welcome in the comments of this post, but no: constant ads, chat, or pop/top40. If you want any of that, or don't understand the terms, you're on the wrong site: fuck off. I might add a Chat section, depends on requests and if i find anything i like the attitude of. Also, any complaints about arse content, instability or anything else that irritates you about any of the stations should go here.

Obviously i recommend them all so far, but of special note:
  • tormented radio ~ a bit unstable @128kbps but worth it, definitely Out There.
  • DFM RTV INT ~ all cool, some bizzare, some very weird stuff.
  • DJ Dread @itsReggae.com ~ almost non-stop Marley & re-mixes of.
  • Minimal-Dub.de ~ not dub but mmmmmmmm & good mixes.
  • Philosomatika ~ 100% Psychedelic Trance (no vocal bullshit).
  • Mysteria: The Club Experience ~ swedish: click 'Lyssna Nu!' for sublime mixes.
  • Phuture Frequency Radio ~ despite some dickhead chat: cool Drum'n'Bass.
Re: Dogpile has been put down ~ Nothing against 'em but Avenue-it is better, it offers more search engines, including Dogpile.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention =)


5/3/06 10:35  
Blogger edjog said...

You're welcome: cool playlist you have there...

6/3/06 20:38  

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