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Saturday, October 22, 2005



Nothing to do with The War on Spam, this is my own viral anti-marketing campaign which starts right here. Currently it focuses mainly on free iPods, but i expect there'll be more. Not that there's anything wrong with iPods: brilliant things and not surprising, since they're made by Apple. However, offering one for 'free' when what they actually mean is that you need to generate around £1000 worth of business for subsidiary offers in order to qualify for one seems a bit of a liberty with the english language.

Are you irritated by the ridiculous and quasi-legal practices of online advertisers? If so, follow the title link of this post. You'll need to have Popups enabled in your browser to get the full effect. Don't forget to email the link to your friend(s).

If you'd rather skip the ironic 1st page, or don't want to risk being bombarded with Popups originating from any other pages you may also have open, you can get straight to the iPod section at: iPod spamdunk. Again, don't forget to send it on.

{OK, some technical difficulties there but iPod_spamdunk is now live. 22:42 GMT}

{23/10/05 01:10 ~ So, i've just been told that the script to open iPod_spamdunk doesn't work on a pc! What's this then, selective javascript, or just junk? Obviously, with the world under the Gates-ian heel, i'll be looking into this, because there'd be no point trying to run a viral strategy otherwise. DLA's already know this but, for those poor benighted souls out there: get a Mac, they're tools not toys.}

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Blogger H5N1 said...

Oh, let the guillible idiots give away all their personal information and be targetted with bullshit marketing for the rest of their lives... I agree though it is kind of annoying to get those emails, especially when they're sent on from friends who then get pissed off when you don't sign yourself up to get them their free iPod. It kind of gives me the same sort of horrible icky feeling as a mate telling a racist joke. Maybe not quite as extreme, but you know...

My advice: Fuck iPods, they're over-stylised cack with loads of nasty DRM bullshit and other broken 'features' - why the fuck do you have to download a hack to record on them at 48kHz? Anyway, *all* of the features you can get an a well chosen mobile phone. For example, trade your mobile phone in for a Treo 600/650 (or similarly poncy phone), stick a £30 1GB SD card in it, download a few Palm OS apps and not only do you have a personal organiser that syncs with iCal and Address Book plus mobile email (also get a shit camera and really overpriced and slow GPRS internet access which isn't worth bothering with, but still...), but you also have an MP3 player and portable video player! So Apple can go fuck themselves, na na na na na!!! ;)

Plus mine's also got a Spectrum emulator, Pacman, Tetris, a Doom clone, an Outrun clone, a Xenon clone, Asteroids, Missile Command, Boulderdash, DopeWars, a metronome, a tone generator, a bpm counter, word pad plus some other apps.

It also has a keyboard and stylus pen - At the end of the day, I would rather look like a geek than one of those cocks walking down the street with their poncy white headphones that sound like shite.

Did I mention you can make phone calls on it to?

So anyway excuse this post slowly morphing into a geeky gadget show-off fest, but really you have to understand there's nothing like the pure nerd thrill of sitting on the bus with your headphones on watching season two of 'Lost' to ensure a continued stay in singledom.

23/10/05 01:47  
Blogger edjog said...

yeah mate! geddit out!
i think they're cool myself, but then again, i've got them Sennheiser HD 25-1 cans (he joins in the showing off) and even though the impedences don't match up too well, they beat any brass-band-in-a-biscuit-tin in-ear jobs anyday!

know what you mean about phones though (may as well carry on, eh?): i've got a chipped NEC e228, so i'm not stuck with the 3 network, and it has 2 cameras etc. etc. payed £25 from a 2nd hand shop, memory card's not so big though.

The only reason i can think that you might want to record @48kHz though, is if you were using an iPod as an HDR for a video, but you'd still be using the camera's AD converters so why not just stick it on the tape/camera HD?

23/10/05 03:06  
Blogger H5N1 said...

No, it's not just 48kHz it can't do - I meant up to that including 44kHz. If you get a mic for an ipod, the software restricts it to something pitifully low, can't remember exactly but it's shit. No doubt this is to force people to use it with a computer rather than standalone or make piracy more difficult. You can however, get hacks and alternative software for them...

I was more thinking for using it for location recording - still using minidisk, atrac compression, urghh... Must pick up a second hand portable DAT one day.

23/10/05 04:00  
Blogger H5N1 said...

The phone looks nice - it does video calls, coooollll...

Mine does video, so it's blatantly got the processing clout for video calls, but the camera is on the wrong side of phone. Oh well, I always feel kind of odd using a mobile phone without holding something to the side of my head. Never got used to hands-free kits and for some unknown reason I can't deal with talking on the phone with the speakerphone on. I'm if my phone did video, all anyone would see would be the inside of my ear.


Oh, god if I'd have known when I was 18 I'd be having a genuinely enthusiastic conversation with someone about mobile phones, I don't think I would be here now, thus causing a paradox and cause a rift in the space-time continuum and resulting in the end of everything.

23/10/05 04:10  
Blogger edjog said...

now we're talkin! the end of everything Jim... it's a revolution, but not as we know it!

your ear! me too. costs a fuckin fortune/min as well: i think it's £1/min on Voda! In fairness: if i don't know what someone looks like, i probably don't actually want to be on the phone to 'em at all, let alone see 'em!

you can hire a Marantz PMD670 portable 2track HDR for £30/day from StudioCare.

lol! the verification code for this post is 'uuhdbe' ~ spooky: it's them fuckin satelite's, i'm suddenly a believer!

23/10/05 13:18  
Anonymous kerry said...

The Blackberry is a triumph of marketing over substance. Now there is a real alternative. And one that does online appointment setting through your smart phone, contact management, email and you can work on your MS office documents too. diarypoint is new generation of mobile computing. It really is the 'office in your pocket'

24/3/06 23:43  
Blogger edjog said...

fuck off with your marketting campaign kerry. What the fuck do we want with an "office in your pocket"? An office block demolished by airliner strike on your head maybe...

27/3/06 15:26  

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