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Monday, November 14, 2005

Irrefutible proof that Starbucks are evil.

I was in London last Saturday with my mum. I am ashamed to say that we went into Starbucks for coffee.

To make up for this terrible lapse of iconoclasm, I made sure my subconcious was aware that I was only in the place for ironic gratification. The stupidly smiley staff, the psuedo-bohemian visual design of the place and the fake jazz playing quietly in the background, all conspired to drive the guilt home and shake the very core of my soul.

The coffee was relatively good - strong enough for a bit of buzz, but not quite strong enough to stop you considering a second cup.

But everything felt wrong.

My mind wondered and I started examining the artwork on the walls. I decided to take some photographs, just for sheer thrill of breaking copyright laws. Really. It was then that I noticed this:

Yes that's right folks - it's the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid! The same symbol found on every dollar bill. The symbol of the Illuminati!!!

What could this mean?

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