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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

PC vs MAC: let battle commence...

Yeah, nice one, typical Edjog PC baiting with the animated GIF down the bottom!!

Heard it all before - yawn... ;)

Oh wait, hang on a sec I don't need to defend PCs anymore! I have a mac - I have two actually, although one of them is a next to useless nubus mac with a G3 upgrade that I use for OS9 stuff only.

But yeah finally I agree, PCs totally fucking suck!!! It's getting to the stage now where my mum can operate Windows XP on her PC better than me (okay, I'm exagerating...), but yes Windows XP is the work of the devil. For a short time I was a fan of Windows 98 - if you strip it down with 98Lite it is a kick ass operating system and boots in about the tenth of the time it used to take macs to boot OS9. You could also run a hacked version of Pro Tools Free that gave 32 tracks - none of this needing an M-Box crap or being restricted to eight tracks on the mac Pro Tools Free.

But mac-intel...

Could my dream finally be coming true?

OS-X released for PC???

(Yeah, I know there's a hacked version but it runs next to no software)

I've never really bought into the mac hype, I still think their computers are over-priced shite. The keyboard on my Powerbook flexes when it gets hot because Apple in infinite wisdom decided to *glue* it to the computer rather than use screws! The battery only last two and a half hours. I could have bought a PC laptop for half the price that runs four times the speed! Of course that would mean running XP with some similarly shite music turdware like Cubase SX...

If wasn't for Apple bundling all the instruments into Logic Pro, I would have never got one. It is the software that makes Apple, which is odd considering they've always claimed to be first and foremost a hardware company. With OS-X though I have never looked back - these days, it *hurts* using my mum's computer - if only she had listened to me! We could have got one of those lovely shiny iMac G5s.... drrrlllll.....

No, bollocks to that! I want OS X released for PC! Fuck all this iNonsense, in a few years it will be a beige Mac-Intel for me!


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Blogger edjog said...

I like the easy customisability of mac os. The thing that says it all for me is: 'Preferences' vs. 'Options', but that said, all of my macs are in a right state at the mo. I've somehow fucked OS X on the old iMac and i'm still running 10.1.3 through shear laziness on the G4. The old beige darling is rotting in another room on 9.1 and none of the powerbooks work properly for long...

Need to sort them out, still, that's the thing with mac os, when you've got it set up the way you like it, it becomes an extension of the way you think and the truth is that my head's still a fair mess also.

Mac os on a pc though, what a horrible thought, i mean as things stand you have to really go some to damage mac hardware with anything you might do in software, but there'd be all kinds of mad firmware combinations and issues: fucking nightmare.

You're right about price though mate, fucking outrageous. I kinda liked the old idea of a pc on a mac pci card, for games. Then again, with the price of processors, perhaps not!

That .gif was like that already, i just added the flying ray-gun bit, and, in fairness, i used some bollox Canon software to make the .jpeg images for it which didn't preserve the colours too well. Just couldn't be arsed to go back and do it in Photoshop.

2/11/05 05:18  

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