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Friday, November 11, 2005

Self obsessed or just a dick?

So, DLA's, H5N1's photo used to link to my blogger profile! This is because, when i added the code to put it there, i simply copy&pasted it from my own and forgot to change the 'href' tag at the same time as the 'src' tag. Sorry to disappoint those budding armchair psychiatrists out there, but i'm not suffering from anything that bi-polar, just yet!
It's sorted now.

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Blogger H5N1 said...

Me or you?!

Do I take that as a compliment? ;)

17/11/05 13:57  
Blogger edjog said...

me dude, mememememememe!
take it however you like eh!

21/11/05 03:42  

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