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Friday, November 11, 2005

what's going on with the links then?

Yes, it's a bit fucked right now, but i'm trying to get the links and archives organised into drop down menus using a combined javascript & CSS but in fairness, i may well be trying to run before i can walk. It'll be cool when it's done though, i think. I'm planning some tabs to the iframe above to swap between PBA, probably ZNet, Corpwatch and possibly some others also.
Anyway, got to go and get some cheap tobacco, so back to it later.

Update: (04:00 GMT) So i've got the 1 menu working but when i try to add more it makes them part of this 1, but without the links visible. New colours too, natty eh? Also, we've got a 'base target=_blank' tag in the header so links should open in a new page, but it doesn't work with the radio tuner as of now. Bummer! There's not many of the radio stations that have links direct to their playlist url's anyway (seemed a bit rude), only if i had to copy&paste it from the station's home page into Real Player, so, barring inspiration, i might use the CSS menu in the radio section and go with summat else in the links fields.
what an absolute cunt! it fucking works when previewed but not when live! BastardShitCuntMuthaFucka!

Update: (06:00 GMT) As you can see, i thought i'd go for a simple drop down menu in the end and worry about the look of the thing later, but of course, the form has no event handler to send it to the embedded url's and the only example of such i have to hand is the radio tuner, which stubbornly refused to obey the 'base target=_blank' tag. (which has temporarily gone west) However, do not despair! I've sussed it, DHTML is the way forward and after some sleep, onwards and upwards we will follow Aslan!

Update: (21/11/05 03:34 GMT) So, it's ugly but it works. more to follow.

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