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Friday, December 09, 2005

Fuck's sake!

Oh aye, it's all going off @DLA today (2005/12/08).

You may remember that i was trying to get a sidebar on the left also from a previous post. Well, my knowledge of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code has finally caught up with my wish: TADA!

So the panther .gif looks a bit naff now that it's expanded to fill the same width as the Babel Fish panel, which is an arse because, even though it was only meant to be temporary, i've got quite fond of the thing ceaslessly plodding along. New link to the 'Off The Main Page' area of this blog which deals with stuff blatantly ripped off from elsewhere, it's the Jolly Roger on the right.

Still no joy on the menu front. Sadly it seems i'm going to have to really study to get that sussed, because all the decent looking ones that i've attempted to rip off require a link to an external Style Sheet and/or Javascript file, which would need to be accessible online somewhere, unless i wanted to use my own Mac as a server, which i'm just not that dedicated to do. Free web hosts don't seem to like you parking files for use by other websites on their servers, so i'll have to actually work out how the fucking code works so i can write it directly into DLA's page here @ Blogspot.

Pretty much the same goes for Navigation Tabs on the iframe that still only looks in on PBA and fuck knows what the gobshites @ Power-Counter are upto, i mean fucking hell, what is this, an H2K bug? I suspect i'll end up going with Site Meter. Anyway, fucked now, off to bed...

Update (10:48 GMT, 2005/12/09): so the fucking right sidebar now appears halfway down the fucking page in microshit IE. What a ball-ache. I'll have to sort it, but dude(tte)s, just get Mozilla, or even just Firefox as your browser (if you're somehow wedded to Outlook). That's laughing in Safari, but the footer appears at the end of the right sidebar! Give me strength...

So, do these changes mean that DLA is going to get ads now? Yes it does, as soon as i get round to dragging the ripped off stuff onto 'Off The Main Page', and work out why my Google Adsense enquiries didn't work properly. In fairness, i was probably still using Internet Excrementerâ„¢.

Update (15:05 GMT, 2005/12/09): well i've tried but my tags are correctly closed etc. it seems that IE is well known for fucking up margins and padding values and as for Safari: fuck knows! Get Mozilla people, it's the way forward.

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