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Thursday, December 15, 2005

More American Idiocy

So this is my reply to a post on Mike G. Gaither's blog libertyWatch, about an American Town having to formulate a payment plan to pay the legal costs of losing law suits over insisting on saying prayers at the start of council meetings (which is against their Constitution). The full text of which is also available 'Off The Main Page', incase it should change there.


that's so funny! Only because the money wouldn't have gone on anything worthwhile anyway, i mean even assuming it went on a teacher, what sort of teacher would be acceptible to these morons? Probably one who was prepared to teach 'creationism' as a 'theory'. Shame it didn't bankrupt the entire town i say!

We have a saying in the UK, "Only in America!" The accepted behaviour upon this utterance is to snigger and shake our heads. This is to prevent us from having to consider the planetary cost and worrying ramifications of a bunch of under and ill educated barbarians pillaging their way through everything civilisation has acheived, because if we did, we'd cry bitter tears of frustration, like a crack addict murderer's mother.

I don't follow any organised religion, but it's like Malcolm X said, "When the Bible mentions Soddom and Gomorrah, that's America!"

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