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Friday, December 16, 2005

War Against Conservativism

So, after sober reflection (oh haha), i've decided this needs its own post.

Hosted by Putfile.comThat's right, DLA's, it's another war against ideas and it's even got a logo.

The difference here is that, far from seeking to erode your civil liberties, this moronic campaign seeks to ridicule those who would do precisely that. So start campaigning today for the ban of lettuce in our schools. Lettuce contains small quantities of a drug called Lactucarine, an opiate which, although 10x weaker than Morphine, could be habit forming if consumed in sufficient quantity. We should protect our children further, it's no use teaching them to form their own opinions about adult behaviour, after all they should do as they're told, no the way to protect them from paedophiles is to make clothing like this compulsory! Just don't get me started on actual war, i'm sure you get the idea anyway...

Hosted by Putfile.comCopy and paste away, join up today and WAC your most hated conservative website!

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