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Thursday, December 29, 2005

What the fuckin'ell do you think you're upto Tony & co?

So, DLA's, below you'll find the expert opinion of Ambassador Craig Murray, The UK Foreign Office's man on the spot, that information being used by British Security Services was being extracted under torture in Uzbekistan. Afterwards you will find the legal opinion of a government legal advisor Michael C Wood, who says that as long as the information is not used as evidence in a court of law, no offence has been committed under International Law.

So, it seems that Murray has been smeared and sacked. But he was having none and is attempting to publish a book to put forward his side of the story, however the UK Government have refused permission for him to reproduce the documents you see here, demanding them back or that he destroy them. Whether he actually said 'bollocks' is a matter for conjecture, but what is not is that he has made them available to Blairwatch and other bloggers to make it impossible to suppress this information. Craig, DLA's everywhere salute you as that rarest of examples in these cynical times: a principled man. You rock and more power to your elbow! Check him at his website, DLA's: follow the title link.

Now, it's a long one so i'm not even going to get into the unreliability of 'evidence' obtained under torture, but what i am going to get into (big time) is this:


Because i'd be fucking surprised if you could find 10% of the electorate who would agree that it includes creating a demand for torture by accepting any information gained thus and what's more, those rabid enough to do so almost certainly didn't vote for you anyway, but rather are so mental that they'd probably be happy to see the same methods applied to you and your cabinet. In my name? In my fucking name? You disgusting cringeworthy shitbags: not in my bastard name you don't. I've done some fucked up shit in my time, but you lot are proper fucking scum. Oh aye, you need them fucking steel gates and armed police alright, and the way you're going it won't be to protect you from terrorists either. You horrible bastards: you honestly make my fucking stomach turn.

Now, it has not escaped my attention that i could be prosecuted under The Official Secrets Act for reproducing these documents, but like i've said before on this blog, fucking bring it Babylon. Apart from the fact that you'll find it a far from simple matter to arrest me, i'll fucking gladly do my bird if my prosecution, by highlighting your inhuman policy, spares even one Uzbeki two minutes of the kind of shit you're contributing to. Fucking boiling water? Fuck you, scum.

Update: (22:08 2005/12/29 GMT) So, this has pissed me off so much i've emailed my MP. Sadly i forgot to copy the contents i filled into the form on his website, but it basically said that this is appalling, horrible, cringeworthy and shameful; whatagwaan? I'll let you know if anything comes of it. Do it yourself. You can find out your MP's contact details here.

Update: (00:45 2005/12/30) So, Craig Murray's website has been pulled already! The WANKERS! Read it while you can.

Update: (03:36 2005/12/30) Apparently Murray's site was briefly live at 02:06, but went down again by 03:18, so i may have been hasty/paranoid earlier and it may be simply too much traffic after all. That doesn't change the fact that they're WANKERS though.

Update: (04:09 2005/12/30 GMT) Murray's site is live again but looks a whole lot different to when i viewed it earlier: i'm guessing it's been re-hosted. Now that's what i'm talking about: Democracy, not some pathetic choice of shades of oligarchy.

Update: (11:47 2005/12/30 GMT) Murray's site is back to how it was. Hmmm. Mysterious wee hours skulduggery. Perhaps whoever was responsible thought that nobody would notice, after all: we'd all be asleep so that we'd be able to continue our daily mantra;
"Be Good, Be Vigilant, Behave!"
Update: (03:57 2006/01/06 GMT) OK, so the documents are now widely available and need no longer take up so much room here. They can now be found 'Off The Main Page' where they belong, with the other ripped off stuff.

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Blogger elendil said...

:-) Go hard.

30/12/05 02:52  
Blogger edjog said...

Dude, i can hardly express how fucked off about this i am. What's worse is that it puts so much recent progress in the UK at risk, if we end up with a Tory backlash. Fucking irresponsible scum.

30/12/05 03:23  
Blogger MatGB said...

That's my problem, it's got to the point that I dislike the current govt so muc (and I don't even think they're on the 'left' anymore) that I'd rather see them out; if that means a LibDem/Tory coalition, well, at least we know the Tories aren't to be trusted, this lot, well...

Grew up fighting the Tories, voted against them all the damn time, and now I'm watching them thinking they're not as bad as Blair. Fuck that's scary.

Oh yeah; can you shut off the base target="_blank" in all your links? Really messing up my tabs jumping around all over the place...

17/1/06 17:46  
Blogger edjog said...

Yeah MatGB, it goes so much against the grain that it actually gives me a sort of hollow feeling in my guts, but Blair & Co have got to go. The trouble is that historically, people use a vote for the Lib Dems as a protest vote at local level, but this doesn't really translate into the same kind of thing at a General Election, all PR issues aside.

We think we know that the Tories can't be trusted, that we know where they're coming from, but what the fuck would they do, building on what they no doubt secretly view as New Labour's successes? It's a horrifying thought.

I have considerable faith in Gordon Brown's ability to manage the economy, with some reference to social democracy. I even suspect that there might well be some kind of process of disentangling from our Trade dependance on the US and some form of rapprochement, economically, with Europe going on, which can only be a good thing as far as i can see. The US is running on overdraft: $650 billion worth, that will only get worse; the world is in for recession when the price of oil starts to reflect it's inevitable scarcity; the rubber check the US writes to cover the cost of it's headlong pursuit of oil will eventually have to be paid by the Federal Reserve; but their domestic economy is hopelessly outclassed by Europe & Japan and will be overtaken in coming years by China & India; in short they are fucked. We need to have as little to do with them as possible when this happens.

But that is not the way far-righteous monetarist policy thinks, despite all evidence to the contrary: they believe that the market will provide all solutions and most efficiently. This is clearly not the case regarding national infrastructure, which is essential as a backbone upon which the body of enterprise is supported. No, the Tories this time would fuck it up worse than they did last time and i haven't heard anything from the Lib Dems which would seem like a coherent economic policy.

Re: "base target=_blank"
I take your point. I'm gonna look for some means of holding a poll on the site, see what browsers people are using and what they want.

18/1/06 02:14  

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