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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blogging, blogs, whatever: i just need the link!

Don't bother reading: this is just to get my google ads back a sec while i get the url for advertisers to bid to place targetted ads here. So, keywords? Well, what have we? Telescopes. Soft toilet tissue. Organic vegetable dyes. Curtains, funerals, rabbit hutches, dog breeders. Garden sheds, lawnmowers, grass seed. Moss killer, Kate Moss, modelling agencies. Cameras. Tripods, 35mm film, digital data storage. Magazines, life style, no style, no brain, brain surgeon. Beluga caviar. Rotten fish, rotten bastards, Johnny Rotten. Sex Pistols, gun clubs, gay clubs. That'll do it surely? Come 'ed lads?

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Anonymous some_maineiac said...

o god, pornolizing does comments, too!!!!

27/1/06 03:28  
Blogger edjog said...

Really? That's brilliant! I'll check it.

27/1/06 10:06  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

fist-fucking brilliant, man!!!

no need for fouler language, readers can tailor it to their needs!

27/1/06 11:44  
Blogger edjog said...

Got Kate "Give it to me" Moss! If you're online still and got this page up, you might want to reload it s_m. New Toy!

27/1/06 13:14  
Blogger pocketpunk said...

I fucking LOVE pornolize it.....


Tony "Fuck me for a Buck" Blair's head on a stick.

Galloway & Bush in a wanking ring


27/1/06 20:08  
Blogger edjog said...

Does it for me!

27/1/06 20:32  

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