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Monday, January 09, 2006

Charles Kennedy

So, i wasn't going to say anything, as i am biased. But then again, much of the blogoshere consists of nothing more substantial than prejudice, rumour, misinformation and lies so i thought, bollox, at least i've got 25 years experience of what i'm on about here.

Now, i don't know the man so i cannot comment on whether his drinking has actually made his conduct any more unmanageable than anybody else involved in the endless round of self-aggrandisement and defence that modern politics seems to mainly consist of, however i suspect not, or we would have seen more evidence of it. It's not as if he or any of his supporters is wealthy enough to have kept the ravening dogs of war-pedling media at bay and given Charles Kennedy's stance over that matter, if there was anything with which to properly trounce his good name, we would have seen it.

No. I suspect that what we have here is more of the casual prejudice of which the title link is a towering example, seemingly not unsympathetic but nonetheless reinforcing the idea that a person who has developed an inability to prevent their use of mood altering substances from negatively impacting upon their lives is forevermore untrustworthy, regardless of the fact that they no longer indulge in the offending behaviour. If this is the first time you've come across it stated baldly and still agree with the notion, two points: firstly, i hope you and yours never have to undergo the kind of traumatic life situations that lead to addictive behaviour, but until such time as it happens, you have no idea what you're on about and secondly: fuck you!

Of course, if this is your considered view, you are a fool, but fuck you anyway. A perusal of even a basic psychology text will be sufficient for an understanding that casually dismissing another as flawed has its roots, in fact, in exactly the same problem which leads to addiction. This deliberate lack of empathy is itself a defence mechanism used to bolster low self esteem. It's common in high acheivers as the drive to be seen to be successful is also part of the condition.

Now, quitting the Liberal Democrat leadership may turn out to be easiest for Charles' personal life, but i think it's a shame. When the rest of 'em were giving it the large one: Saddam this; WMD that; smokescreen, misinformation, bullshit the other; he at least used his platform to ask some questions. He didn't go anywhere near far enough, in my opinion, but it can't have been easy to stand up to one's peers like that (go on, if you must). I think i'd have prefered it if he'd admitted his problem, frankly oulined his solution, and then said, "Come an'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enough!" To my mind, a man who knows he has some problems and genuinely seeks to address them is eminently more trustworthy than someone who pretends to be whiter than white, using media spin to carry off the Teflon act, and certainly has more credibility than someone who claims to be a devout christian whilst starving and bombing people into the stone-age with the stated intent of saving them from an evil regime.

So i wish him well, hopefully he'll be back and if his previous performance is anything to go by, woe betide any who try to get in his way when his head's sorted.

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Blogger nameis said...

Well said, Edjog - what difference does it make to what Charles Kennedy says? I noted what you said in the blog of Pp - I felt very moved by your honesty. Wow.

10/1/06 11:30  
Blogger edjog said...

Hey nameistaken, just spreading the love, as you do and all that, in both places. But it's nice to know somebody appreciates it, so thanks.

10/1/06 12:04  
Blogger michael the tubthumper said...

i saw something on anothr blog - can't remember which - saying that once they get their new leader, whoever it is, we will effectively have the same bloke leading al three parties

depressing but true

10/1/06 17:29  
Blogger edjog said...

yeah michael, i caught that too. I think it may have been on ChickenYoghurt, or possibly Dead Men Left. (they're on the blogroll, anybody else>>) There's always Sir Menzies, he doesn't seem like such a bad old stick, but then again, his age will probably count against him.

I'm hoping they will make a proper do of the leadership contest. The centre ground needs a bit of a roids injection i reckon, rather than the slightly dysfunctional bitching stylee we've become used to.

10/1/06 20:52  
Blogger ejh said...

As I always say to people using the white-on-black Blogger template, change it. It's really hard on the eye even when it's readable.

10/1/06 23:06  
Blogger edjog said...

I find light text on dark backgrounds easier to read myself, but i've been thinking of changing the text to something slightly less glaring than white actually. I have to wear tinted spex even indoors but i broke them on Sunday playing football. (i know, i'm a dick, but i honestly didn't even notice they were on my face until they weren't, if you see what i mean)

I'm thinking of something very pale grey/lilac, like the links but much paler still. It's not so simple though, because once you start getting into non-standard colours, each browser displays them slightly differently. Still, if people can't get the message and Get Mozilla/Firefox perhaps i shouldn't worry about them anyway. After all, i still haven't bothered to redesign the top sections of the 3 columns into 1 massive table as a header so it displays properly in Internet Excrementer� and who knows when that'll happen: not me for one!

P.S. Good man yerself for A Few Words Before We Go: it's a staple.

11/1/06 03:03  

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