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Thursday, January 12, 2006

DLA proudly supports Al Chaeseda!

Further to my post "Flaming Mouse," [Title Link] i added this in the comments and then decided it was quite funny so posted it on The PBA. It may as well have it's own post here as well.

The sad truth of the matter is that far from learning a lesson about cruelty, if the daft old bastard [the 81 year old American shit-for-brains whose house was burned down by a mouse he had thrown into burning leaves] is at all like what our society would seem to suggest the vast bulk of westerners believe in, he'll make it his life's mission to eradicate mice from the face of the earth.

It'll be "The war on Rodentism," New Mexico stylee, "Tough on mice, tough on the causes of mice." By extension of course, that means vegetarians also, the pinko cheese eating liberal scum! In fairness, i'm one and i'm eating a cheese and onion pie right now. So there we have it: a clear link between vegetarians and Al Chaeseda: a militant underground network of state sponsored rodentism!

State sponsored? That's right: Holland! The dirty Dutch with their pot smoking, legal prostitution and Edam. We'll ignore Switzerland, because as long as we keep stashing our money there, we'll be in a position to disuade them from the evils of fondue.

I can hear you thinking, "But mice don't even eat cheese." What kind of pinko leftist rodent supporting anti-American anti-Semite enemy of the people are you? Haven't you ever watched Disney? Anti-Semite? Oh yes: mice aren't Kosher are they? Anyway, were mice on Noah's Ark? I've heard Pat Robertson will be interviewed for Fox News this very evening, where he'll explain why this question is at the heart of the matter, because mice are clearly the work of Satan. After all, even if they were on The Ark, they must have sneaked on because they are evidently evil, how else would anyone in their right mind explain this unprovoked and cowardly attack on innocent American Citizens?

War Against Conservativism

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Anonymous some_maineiac said...

you are too fucking much, mr.jog!

yout thoughts should come with a label, "warning, do not exceed daily minimum dose" (measured in micrograms)

13/1/06 21:23  
Blogger edjog said...

I thank you, sir!

13/1/06 22:05  
Blogger edjog said...

Actually that reminds me of some comedy sketch (but i forget who, or indeed when) so they were on about measuring thought in microgorms per second squared! OK it's a nerdy one, i know, but it's stuck with me... actually, bollox it's fucking hiliarious, i'm not ashamed of being a nerd:

"And the geek shall inherit the earth."

Trouble is i don't want the fucking place, i've got enough trouble trying to keep my flat [that'd be apartment] tidy!

14/1/06 06:42  

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