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Friday, January 06, 2006

Goodbye Sharon!

Don't even start. I'm 1/4 Jewish myself, so you can just fuck off with it.

It seems reports from Iran's IRIB NEWS about Ariel Sharon's demise are somewhat exaggerated [BBC ~ Title Link]. Oh well, he's as good as dead and thank fuck for that. Apparently, he underwent eight hours of brain surgery after a stroke. I'm not surprised: i'll bet it took them six hours to find his brain hidden away in the dark recesses of his cavernous pride and grandiosity. Fuck him and all bitter old bastards like him.

Don't be fooled into thinking there's a chance for meaningful negotiation with the Palestinians though. The US will have another right-wing puppet waiting to pick up where he left off and the dollars will keep flowing; the walls and minefields springing up; the Palestinians dying; the world wringing its hands in impotent despair and hastily flinging lime on the trail of ordure left in the wake of the Empire of Shame, lest they be next.

So why is it good he's fucked up? Because fuck him, that's why. For every Palestinian house bulldozered, for every pregnant woman left wondering what the fuck she should do now her bloke's been shot dead 'accidentally', for every child maimed by shrapnel, for every old dear burying the remains of her last child, for every youngster driven to the point where death by suicide bomb seemed like a viable alternative to life as it was; fuck him. There'll be a few grim smiles on The West Bank today, that's why.

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Blogger nameis said...

Quite bloody right.

Bunch of bastards.

6/1/06 17:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon was a cleaner man by far than any of the towel-headed scum he fought against. And you're right about the fact that he will be replaced by another Israeli patriot who will defend the Jewish State against Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and the other Islamofascist killers.

7/1/06 14:49  
Blogger edjog said...

"towel-headed scum"

I'm guessing that would include the legitimate British authority in Palestine, when Haganah was formed? Famous for towels on th'ead, we Brits. Well, knotted hankies anyway. Not that he was a terrorist or anything!

You racist prick...

7/1/06 20:59  
Blogger pocketpunk said...

prime example of junk posting ...and not even brave enough to provide name .....tosser

8/1/06 19:35  
Blogger shane said...

Here's an excerpt from an article by Robert Fisk. Shows pretty clearly the kind of guy Sharon is (says something about his supporters, too):

Sharon's ability to scorn the Americans was always humiliating for
Washington. Before the massacres of 1982, Philip Habib was President
Reagan's special representative, his envoy to Beirut increasingly horrified
by the ferocity of Sharon's assault on the city. Not long before he
died, I asked Habib why he didn't stop the bloodshed. "I could see it," he
said. "I told the Israelis they were destroying the city, that they
were firing non-stop. They just said they weren't. They said they werent
doing that. I called Sharon on the phone. He said it wasnt true. That
damned man said to me on the phone that what I saw happening wasn't
happening. So I held the telephone out of the window so he could hear the
explosions. Then he said to me: 'What kind of conversation is this where
you hold a telephone out of a window?'"

8/1/06 22:37  
Blogger edjog said...

Like i say, fuck him. It genuinely pains me to wish another human ill, but there are some people who just will not behave like civilised people. Now, i'm not saying that there aren't some proper shit-for-brains amongst the Palestinians, but i know what i'd be doing if tanks were patrolling my streets to enforce economic oppression and apartheid and it wouldn't have much to do with rational debate.

Sharon was just a paranoid war-mongering bastard and sadly, humanity is minisculely better off now he's fucked.

8/1/06 23:11  
Blogger H5N1 said...

They've woken him up from his artificially-induced coma. Supposedly, part of the right-hand side of his brain is damaged, but they don't know how badly.

I'm hoping he's still relatively sane, but it would be quite nice if perhaps he was left paralysed or something. Maybe doomed to live the rest of his life trapped in his broken, flabby shell of a body, only able to communicate by raising and lowering his left eyebrow, once for yes twice for no as the doctor slowly moves his finger along the chart displaying all the letters of the alphabet.

Perhaps he could go on like this for a few years, but then just as he's become emotionally accustomed to this devasting blow, he could become diabetic and go blind.

9/1/06 01:30  
Blogger edjog said...

What a horrible thought, h5! As you know, not long ago, i'd have agreed with you and possibly gone further. Now i just wish him a peaceful death in his sleep, after all: Sharon too was a product of his environment.

9/1/06 07:46  
Blogger H5N1 said...

I would apologise for getting a little carried away with my imagination there, but I won't because y'know, I'm just a product of my enviroment and can absolve all responsibility for my words and actions. :)

9/1/06 14:04  
Blogger edjog said...


9/1/06 15:33  
Blogger H5N1 said...

Sorry, couldn't resist...

9/1/06 17:46  
Blogger edjog said...

The 'dude' was a doff of the cyber-cap mate: glad you couldn't, it's not often we can get a laugh over a mass-murdering tyrant eh?

Actually, that's motivation to quit smoking. To make it that much more likely that i'll still be around to have this conversation with you again when Dubya goes to the great tyre-swing in the sky!

9/1/06 20:39  

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