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Thursday, January 26, 2006

My bloody MP speaks! My god, it's ali-ive!

This relates to my ongoing attempts to get my MP to do something useful against the UK Government's complicity in Uzbek torture [title link].

Dear Mr [edjog]

Thank you for your e-mail of 14 January.

I believe that the United Kingdom Government have been less than forthcoming on the question of extraordinary rendition and all the issues which it raises. That said they have been at length to point out that they are against the use of torture and would certainly not accept within the United Kingdom's jurisdiction evidence that was obtained by that method.

I will certainly ask the Government to comment further on the additional information you have provided but in matters such as this, where it is difficult to obtain personally corroborated alternative evidence, it very much leaves the Government in the driving seat when it comes to dealing with the types of issue which have been raised forcefully in the House of Commons about this whole subject.

To that end I know, having talked to one of the members of the All Party Group on Extraordinary Rendition, that they are doing their best in the terms of the information available to Backbench Members of Parliament on this matter to probe the Government further.

Yours sincerely

The Rt Hon [name supplied on request] MP
Well, it's not good, really, is it? He manages to side-step a number of issues i raised in the email, pleads helplessness and asks for patience. It's something of a fault of mine, i'll admit, but patience is not one of my foremost virtues, nor is tolerance in the face of well paid claims of ineffectuality. I'd be prepared to bet my left bollock that there are people in Uzbek cells right now whose patience and tolerance are in even shorter supply when considering the continued "probing" they have in store.

I'm possibly getting somewhere though, as he agrees that the UK Govt. "have been less than forthcoming". Lying out of their arse, i'd say, but that's "potty-mouthed" me. That he repeats the Foreign & Commonwealth Office position in the opening paragraph however, fills me with suspicion. Certainly, the FCO would not accept "evidence" within their "jurisdiction", as it would be illegal to do so under the UN Charter Against Terrorism. This does not seem to be preventing them from accepting the self same information for "operational purposes" though; which is the heart of the [aaarrrggghhh can't swear anymore, i promised!] issue.

Uncharacteristically, i'm not going to bombard him with more correspondance yet, or take him to task over his perpetuation of this casuistry: i'm trying to get him to do something and coating him off is not likely to produce results at this stage i feel. Obviously, i'll not rule irritating and embarrassing him over this issue out, at some future point, if he doesn't get with the sodding programme; but for now, i'll wait and see what he has to say about my later email of 18 Jan 06. I'm not done with UK Criminal Law either. For sure, they can get away with it under the Criminal Justice (Terrorism & Conspiracy) Act 1998, but i reckon there must be some law somewhere that makes those provisions illegal in themselves, precedes or overrides them.

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Blogger nameis said...

Good oh edjog - I'm awaiting a reply to my email, an edited version of your own - and will publish it when received.

26/1/06 09:22  
Blogger edjog said...

Cool nameis. I've had some offers of help with a leaflet campaign in this constituency. If my MP won't take a more proactive stance on this, given a chance & time, i'm planning to publicly embarrass him into it.

26/1/06 09:42  
Blogger michael the tubthumper said...

i doubt would have been able to write that letter you write. it would have degenerated into abuse by the third paragraph.

26/1/06 13:52  
Blogger edjog said...

Oh mate, it wasn't easy! I'm sure it's been coming out sideways ever since!

26/1/06 14:07  
Blogger Quixotematic said...

Bridget Prentice has not yet got round to replying to the copy I sent her, either.

26/1/06 21:29  
Blogger edjog said...

I think they're obliged to, eh? Dunno if there's supposed to be a time limit. This is the first time i've done owt like this. Breaking the law's more my bag, not trying to have it properly applied!

26/1/06 21:50  

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