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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Promises, promises...

See how the mighty edjog jumps through hoops to recode his blog!

Oh yes, faithful DLA's, we are now fully Excrementer� compliant for those poor benighted souls still wandering lost in Microshit land. We have a new colour scheme after a complaint about the old white-on-black stylee, which i have to admit was a bit glaring, and if you don't like the new look, feel free to utilise the new "DESTROY THIS BLOG" link in the left sidebar (under the Babel Fish panel), where you can visit all kinds of disasters from the biblical to the farcical on my efforts. Thanks go to The OPINION for the idea. We also have a new meta tag which details the correct characterset encoding for Western (MacRoman), which should deal with any funkyness in the special characters department. If you see any, please let me know, along with what platform and browser you are using.

BASTARD! The new meta tag works in the preview but not live! I dunno, i'm fucked now anyway: going to bed, i'll have another look into it tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated: Meaders?

Stay tuned for a very serious political one which is, even as i type, festering away and is due to be lanced onto this fair page soon. Serious, DLA's, i have finally sussed what's going down: i shit you not, it's worthy of Machiavelli and absolutely appalling.

Update (2006/01/12 14:31 GMT): No news on the characterset encoding, but the colour scheme has been extended to the comments blocks and blog title header with a fraction of variation for that delicate touch! Oh mate, my sisters are both well into matching colour schemes: it must be rubbing off! BOLLOX! In fairness to me however, they go with shades of "Teal" "Mushroom" and "faux suede" textures, whilst i can tell you that the room i'm typing in now is primary yellow, scarlet trim, turquoise top and ceiling, black floor boards and my bedding is black and red (what else, really?). I have to report some inertia on the politics front: it's going to take a lot of research or nobody will believe me, but there'll shortly be some mirrored musings on Galloway to keep the pot simmering.

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Anonymous some_maineiac said...

well, that new code didn't take you too long, did it?

i await your next post with eager anticipation...it promises to be a doozy!...i am becoming somewhat accustomed to your writing style and hope to take less than 3 days to understand what you are saying...you make me think, man!

12/1/06 12:59  
Blogger edjog said...

Actually some_maineiac, i've been promising to sort the tops of the 3 columns into 1 massive table so that the rest of the columnar stuff would display properly in place in IE since November when i first coded DLA with a left sidebar as well as a right hand one.

For the first 2-3 days i didn't know what the problem was, but i got some support from another blogger, Devil's Kitchen. After that, because getting it working as i wanted in Mozilla, was quite a bit of faff, i just couldn't be arsed to go back and sort it out when i realised that it wasn't actually my fault!

But hey, the readership is rising, it seemed best to bite the bull by the bollocks and crack on.

Re: thinking
That is quite honestly simply and purely the plan, mate. It'd be nice if you agree with me, but whatever you think, if you are thinking rather than regurgitating corporate/government lies, i'll be happy.

I believe in the basic goodness of humanity, not because i naively attribute altruistic notions to us but because even the most clinically deranged moron alive knows that if you fuck your neighbour over, it will become that neighbour's mission in life to see you fucked over worse. Nobody wants that. It's a lack of information that allows people to be convinced to do what is manifestly against their own interests, i.e. evil, or mental illness caused and/or exacerbated by the prevailing state of our societies, which in themselves are only tolerated because of a lack of information about what's actually going on or possible alternatives.

BTW, if anyone does visit Devil's Kitchen, i'm trying to get a Bloody Devil Award for my posts: http://disla.blogspot.com/2005/12/what-fuckinell-do-you-think-youre-upto.html
and/or http://disla.blogspot.com/2005/12/dont-believe-hype.html
the link to nominate them is on the right side of his page, if you believe after reading them, as i do, that they qualify amply for an award for gratuitous but satisfying insults.

12/1/06 22:40  

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