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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shit! ...SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!

So, this relates to my allegation that the UK Govt. is guilty of a Criminal Conspiracy to Torture [title link]. A nod goes to D-Notice for ferreting out the latest law which supercedes the Crimianl Law Act 1977 which is the Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Conspiracy) Act 1998. The later Act does indeed clarify the issue of jurisdiction:
Section 5.-(1) 1A.

(6) In the application of this Part of this Act to an agreement in the case of which each of the above conditions is satisfied, a reference to an offence is to be read as a reference to what would be the offence in question but for the fact that it is not an offence triable in England and Wales.
All of the other conditions having been met, the title of this post was to have been "Hoist on your own petard" [a lovely phrase which means, in yonks old english, 'blown up by your own bomb', in case you were wondering, and which i have been wanting to get in here ever since, "The nadir of base perfidy!"]. Sadly, it'll have to wait. Instead, i have to report, DLA's, that this bunch of hypocritical, dishonest and downright double dealing dastards [like that?], who had the audacity to attempt to lecture us about "respect" and the need to remove the fear of crime from modern British society, have reserved to themselves and their agents licence to engage in Criminal Conspiracy on behalf of The Crown. I'm not fucking around for one moment:
Section 5.-(1)

(14) Nothing in this section-

(b) imposes criminal liability on any person acting on behalf of, or holding office under, the Crown.
So there you have it: the absolute sine qua non of showing their bare arse to the concepts of law and democracy. We can do it, but if we even suspect that you might be upto something in a similar, but necessarily less far reaching and, in this particular case, much less despicable, vein; we want the right to summarily punish you, without proper due process of law.

Just fuck off, innit?


UPDATE (04:51 06/01/18 GMT): I'm not done with this. I've emailed my MP to ask him to ask how the government expect to be taken seriously over their "respect" bullshit and also to find out the history of the Bill so we can find out which scumbags voted for it. An edited version of my email can be found "Off The Main Page" and, as before, i'll urge you to do the same. You can find your MP's contact details here.

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Blogger D-Notice said...

I apologise for the bad legal advice - bloody textbook didn't state the exemptions!

Wonder if there's owt else we can do 'em under?

18/1/06 19:42  
Blogger edjog said...

I've emailed Public Interest Lawyers to ask their opinion and i've got a few other possibilities to try out also from Meaders @ Dead Men Left.

I'm wondering about Treason. Maybe there's something about 'bringing the Crown into disrepute'. Trouble is, i can't find much online & it's well complex: some relating back to the 14th century, some the 19th, 2 whole Acts from the 18th repealed and fuck knows what else since. It's so bad that when Tebbit asked a question in The
Lords, The Home Office
gave incorrect info back. Or maybe the Statute's or whatever by which government holds authority.

I can't believe that there isn't a law somewhere that over-rides that clause; otherwise it's carte blanche. But there's also European Law, there might be something that forbids the commission of crime by member states' governments. Whatever, it'll need to be something well heavy-duty because there are 2 other exemption clauses in the 1998 Act that could apply also: that "the agreement" that constitutes the conspiracy might be older than the law plus that the Attorney General has to approve the indictment and even then The Home Secretary can over-rule him, but only after giving his reasons to parliament.

Hey, no problem though D-Notice, as it happens the fact that they've previously reserved to themselves the right to conspire in crime just goes to pour further scorn on their position over the "Respect Action Plan(k)", so i'm glad i found out about it.

18/1/06 23:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nuckles says:

How the fuck does the western media in its dillusion of grandeur think that a bunch a people armed with some ak47s a couple of rpgs would go up against a fucking destroyer... Either they were suicdal or smacked out of their brains on pcp or they were attacked.

The only buch of cunts who are earning from this war are the oil companies, and the miltary contractors the rest of us are getting royally fucked up the arse and have to pay for it.

Yeah there was some cunt waffling on about iq quota or what ever to im i say cock breath when you speak 5 languages you may address all those above the 165 level until then dont bover.

To all u nucklodeans out there peace

25/3/06 10:45  
Blogger edjog said...

Is that you, Steve?

26/3/06 12:59  

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