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Friday, January 27, 2006


So DLA's, we have a new tool: The ShoutBox! This is for those of you who want to say something that doesn't seem to go with the threads of discussion, or just to say hello/plug your site, and can be found under the site polls. It's a NeoWORX [title link] creation and is on free trial for 14 days, at which time it will revert to a "free version" which will not have all the same features of customisablity. It looks ok for now i think, because i've been able to adjust it's colours and fonts to match DLA, but whether it stays or even just gets moved somewhere less obtrusive will depend on how much use it gets and just what kind of pumpkin it turns into at midnight!

I'm also going to add a link to an online translator, underneath it, to facilitate the bigging up of starlike international chests!

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Anonymous some_maineiac said...

edjog, my own personal preference is the AltaVista Babel Fish, mainly because I have found it to be eloquent and because of the reference to "HitchHikers Guide" and I can't be arsed to allow JavaScripts from the new link you've posted...

27/1/06 13:54  
Blogger michael the tubthumper said...

how do you do the technorati tags? could you email me how - i am a bit of a luddite!



27/1/06 13:54  
Blogger edjog said...

Tis done michael3t.

Yeah s_maineiac, i'd actually forgotten that Babel Fish does text translations too, i was just thinking of it's site translation function, because that's what i use it for. But you're right, it's good. Still, i'm gonna leave the other link there anyway, it's handy to have it close by and done now!

27/1/06 15:17  
Blogger Lecca said...

Thank you for visit in my blog... i´m learning english yet but i understod what you write for me thanks bye bye see you later good night

28/1/06 23:28  

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