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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sour Grapes at Harry's Place

Still, what can you expect from excusenik war-pedlers, eh?

The problem, apparently, is George Galloway's lack of credibility. Check it. Check Galloway's own statement about his reasons for doing it too. Personally, i've not watched Big Bollox yet, although i dare say i might if he stays in for a while. Whether he makes a tit of himself or not remains to be seen, he's sanguine about the possibility himself: it's an occupational hazard that comes with the requisite monumental ego it seems, quite apart from any editorial policy which may come into play. However, lest we forget that he is in fact the dude, let us remind ourselves of another performance of his, here.

I actually think it's quite brave: much of modern politics is about image and he's taking a big risk with his. Remember what happened to Edwina Currie on Hell's Kitchen? It's hard to contemplate that somebody who now lives by the media could have voluntarily made such a twerp of herself.

Nod: Dead Men Left

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Blogger Meaders said...

Actually, I can't remember what happened to Edwina Currie on Hell's Kitchen, which may also say something about GG on BB.

9/1/06 15:02  

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