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Saturday, January 21, 2006

We have a clear opinion emerging!

Bush on the matAs you can see from the title link or the 'view' button on the poll, >> a favourite is pulling ahead! I have to say, i'm trying my best to accomodate you, but for now, << this will have to suffice.

Not that i'll be ignoring the other options. It seems that somebody would rather see less foul language, but some want more. I'm going to try a compromise: from now on the profane content of a post's title should give some indication of how much of the same to expect in its body. Nobody should take this to mean that a dignified title will preclude the odd 'bollocks' or such popping up [like that one], but merely less than of late, and also that if there's a lot at the top, there'll be plenty more beneath.

(illustration: Peter Scanlan)

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