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Monday, January 09, 2006

Whatagwaan? Well, not nothing at least...

So, further to the email i mentioned sending to my MP, about Britain's complicity in Uzbek torture [title link], i received a snail-mail reply from his office the other day. Sorry for the tardiness of this post: tings a gwaan in my personal life and i've had flu (again, bastard!); what can you do?

It seems the Member is away but "would not wish representations on [my] behalf to be unduly delayed" and so his estimable Private Secretary is "drawing [my] concerns to the attention of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office." Apparently, my MP "will be in touch with [me] when he receives a response from the Minister."

Well, one has to draw some comfort from the "when" rather than 'if', eh? I felt bound to request that, given the fact that the FCO have previously done little despite the expressed concerns of their senior employee, Craig Murray, on the spot, since 2002: she'd forgive my scepticism that they would suddenly take any notice of my humble quieries. I've repeated my request to know the Member's views on this issue and what, if anything, he intends to do about it. I've suggested that it would be good if, if he's not already into it, he were to join the All Party Parliamentary Group Liberty mention on their website, to tackle this issue, and expressed my desire that he go further, trying to get Tony Blair and Jack Straw prosecuted.

It is far from clear that the 'legal advice' of Michael C Wood [bottom of that post] to the UK Govt. is the last word on the legality of our acceptance of material extracted under torture and this should be tested in the courts. There is also the matter of lying. I don't know if it is actually a criminal offence to lie to Parliament, nor do i know if TB or JS have actually repeated what they've said to the public in The House of Commons, but it clearly is not the case that agents of the UK Govt. have never knowingly received 'intelligence' from tainted sources, as both have maintained, and this is surely a very serious matter.

Now, as i felt obliged to point out, i am not a Tory [he is BTW] (and just between us: it's a proper ballache to have to have anything to do with something which will no doubt be used to make political capital out of at some point) but i will not stand by while this government flouts the impartial rule of law and democracy. This is why i've got the fuckin' arse'ole about this mind: i don't know any of these Uzbeks and frankly, if they are devout moslems, just like christian fundamentalists, they can get to fuck. But torture is just too fucked up and the minute we turn a blind eye to any State abrogating human rights for whatever reason, history shows us that it will only get worse. If we give 'em an inch, they'll take a mile. Just ask Holocaust survivors.

How long will it be before British Citizens are being whisked off for a good hiding somewhere else? In fact, how do we know it's not already happening? So what, fuck 'em, they're terrorists right? Well who isn't Osama bin Laden's best mate once your fingernails are off and its the boiling water next? I have to tell you, i've been in some well and truly fucked up situations, kicked to fuck and left for dead twice, so i'd be likely to cope with torture better than most of you, but let's have it right: when your only way of preventing further serious harm to yourself is to admit you're a terrorist and give up 'the conspiracy', i know i'd remember the exact dates and locations when my Mum shagged Osama and which of my relatives made the video, know what i'm saying?

In the meantime, i also emailed the RT Hon John Prescott MP, asking that he give Tony Blair and Jack Straw a 'rendition' of another kind, "The ballad of the good slapping," as he can hardly deny he knows the words. Perhaps unsurprisingly: no joy so far!

So again, DLA's, get onto your MP about it: contact details here. It'll only take you 5mins.

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