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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wow! ClustrMaps is cool!

So i've got a reader in either Iran, United Arab Emirates or Oman! I wouldn't have thought there was anyone interested in anarchist viewpoints over there, going by the media. Fucking go on my son!

It's difficult to tell from the ClustrMaps representation [title link] because the dot looks to be right in the middle of The Straits of Hormuz. Ay, maybe it's the CIA, by satelite phone or something? Considering my last post! Well, if it is and you come back lads, i hope your fucking boat sinks.

And someone in what appears to be The Dominican Republic. Excellent!

All welcome, come back and tell us whatagwaan?

UPDATE (09:44 2006/01/26 GMT): So, a large dot in the Sydney area, either Jo has been busy with DLA or the word is heard, plus Perth and someone around the border between Northern Territories & Southern Australia, possibly Kulgera: g'day!

Shout outs also go to: Sibu, Sarawak Province Malaysia | Pocheon or Seoul South Korea | Kyoto, Shiga or Fukui Province Japan [these last 2: it's difficult to tell from the dots]. I did start looking for online translators to say hello to you lot in your native languages, but i got nowhere quickly enough with Korean/Hangul, so i ended up thinking that if you're reading this page, you must understand English; so yeah, hey, cool, what's happening? Don't be offended if you're one of my European or American/Mexican visitors, but i hope you'll understand that from where i'm sitting, these other places just seem more exotic.

So, i'll probably not bother to come back to this subject, unless i get a hit from somewhere well off my beaten track, like Congo DRC, Paraguay or Bhutan, but i've put a link to Windows [ptuh!] Live-Local powered by Virtual Earth beta in the text links for anybody interested.

UPDATE (11:27 2006/01/26 GMT): Ha! The cyber-skills of the mighty edjog prevail!
Helo, apa khabar?
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No Arabic or Farsi? No mate, give's a chance!

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Anonymous some_maineiac said...

yeah, edjog, i've been watching the red dots on that map, too and there's been a big increase in the last week, maybe some thanks due to enigma...i also see plenty of hits around the Wash, DC area, that's where the four star clowns hang out!!

26/1/06 00:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello edjog,

Saw your post on Stan's site and thought I would drop by to say hello and thanks. Interesting blog you have here. I notice my little red dot isn't showing up on your map from over here in Sydney, Australia. Wondering how accurate that thing is :) BTW, I heard they found a boat full of sea water and CIA agents last night.

Cheers for now,

26/1/06 02:13  
Blogger edjog said...

Hey Jo, the map only updates once per day, so it'll be there tomorrow i think. One can pay for an upgrade, but i'm not quite that vain!

The site she mentions is "Syndicalist": in the text links too, check it. The guy, Stan, wrote a lot of sense, but has sadly just died: seems the respectful thing to do 'In Memoriam'.

Yeah s_m, "send in the clowns... oh, they're already here!" TBF, i'd feel safer with a proper full-on circus in charge than that bunch of deranged, despicable conspirators. Still, they've already got a chimp, so not far off!

26/1/06 02:32  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

edjog, yup, they're just a sideshow, the muscle of the oligarchs...watched "rummy" for a bit on the TV last night talking about how our navy does so much more with fewer ships and describing how the purpose of the navy is to provide american power "where it is needed"...if jo is right, then there's one less boat!

26/1/06 12:54  
Blogger edjog said...

Yeah, it's a re-run of Old Colonial British "Gunboat Diplomacy". Of course, without the USSR, they can get away with it too.

Actually, this is probably a bit crass, but hey ho: does that Korean letter look like a mushroom cloud to anyone else?

26/1/06 16:27  

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