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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kid gets it both ways

Mr [Nick] Griffin [BNP] told reporters: "I was speaking the truth to an audience of decent working people in West Yorkshire who in some cases are facing terrible problems, including the grooming of their children by paedophiles."
~ The Grauniad
What can one say really? What on earth has paedophilia to do with race? Well, these questions speak directly to this blog's raison d'etre. I'll refer you all to my second ever post. The answer, IMHO, is simply this,
"You can take your 'decent working people' and shove 'em up your arse. I'm a Disreputable Lazy Alien and proud of it!"
The Kid's on it though: censorship is not the way. As he says, it's a two edged sword, but also, we cannot defeat The Man by being seen to use The Man's methods. Which is why we must encourage these morons to speak out so that we can use exactly the same kind of rhetorical devices to destroy their arguments and discredit them personally, invisibly. After all, there's no point trying to use reason against the tactic of trying to conflate emotional issues like paedophilia, job security and xenophobia. Any reasonable person has already rejected the patent absurdity out of hand. It is those who are duped emotionally we need to reach.

Nod: the Disillusioned kid: Pleasure and pain

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Blogger Disillusioned kid said...


3/2/06 17:41  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

bookmarked your site kid, i need some more good reading...

5/2/06 13:29  
Blogger michael the tubthumper said...

it is not really the fucks like griffin i am worried about.

it is the more subtle devices used to create the same sort of xenophobia and all the rest of it by murdoch and people like him.

that is a much harder fight than discrediting a few mindless moronic bigoted smalldicked fucks

5/2/06 15:04  
Blogger Nancyrowina said...

Thanks for the link, I've added you to my blog roll, have you joined the britblog directory yet? I'm one of the editors, we always need new blogs it's at www.britblog.com if you want to submit your URL.

5/2/06 21:50  
Blogger edjog said...

Yeah Michael3t, as long as we're divided, we're ruled. Non-'white' vs 'white'; UK vs EU; Man vs Woman; it doesn't matter, it all adds to the sense of isolation of the individual. Just as feeding the fear of crime does, or terrorism.

Chris Morris is a hero! We need more like him. Satire is the most effective weapon against all pervading lies. For sure "The League of Gentlemen" - fucking brilliant, but it didn't prove that popular; "Little Britain" - good but not really biting or political enough. We need "Spitting Image" back! "Bremner, Bird & Fortune" just isn't enough. Chris Morris is so on it, he makes news out of his efforts.

I've more thoughts on this, but I've got to go out. Not us divided though, eh mate? Maybe we'll meet on March 18th?

Yeah NancyR, I'm in the Britblog ring. At least I think so!?! I'm guessing you got your computer sorted. Or did you get a new one?

5/2/06 22:10  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

yeah, xenophobia...us (the good guys 'cuz we're all good) vs. them (the bad guys 'cuz they're all bad)...it presents the world in black and white for those who cannot easily distinguish grey or other shades of color and makes it easy for bigots to whip up whatever passions are stirring to serve their own ends...long a favored tactic in the US...just look at our history!...and somewhat effective even on seemingly harmless divisions like locals (people who have always lived in a place) vs. transplants (people who moved here from away) or transplants and locals vs. tourists...keep 'em divided and meek and bad government will ensue!

6/2/06 12:26  
Blogger edjog said...

Yeah mate. Of course, your first implied point is particularly valid, because whether we like to admit it or not, xenophobia is such an all pervading attitude that it's sometimes difficult to recognise it in oneself.

Even when the simple fact is admitted, it can be so insidious as to take some fair degree of concentration to remove its taint from our communication: so much of commonly used language/idiom is xenophobic. For me, all I can do is try harder after apologising for any offence caused. Otherwise I feed that other mainstay of oppression: self-loathing/shame.

6/2/06 16:20  
Anonymous some_,maineiac said...

you bet, bud, trying harder after making amends for any offences caused with a new perspective gained from the realization that a wrong has been done, however great or small, is one of my new approaches to daily life...and xenophobia is particularly easy to provoke in someone such as myself, because i value and need solitude...time to think and reflect, you know?...but more of a good thing doesn't make it more good, in my personal lifetime experience, it leads to alienation and isolation...and that other deadly bug-a-boo that you mention...

7/2/06 22:16  

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