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Monday, February 20, 2006

Ou est l'og?

DLA's, i'm more than a little touched that many of you have emailed or commented to question my diminished cyber-presence: thank you all! Whatagwaan is that i've been doing some more intensive work on my head, with a fellowship of people for mutual support. It has proved to be necessary for me to be undistracted, hence my disappearance. This isn't, however, the whole story: i've been slacking with my novel for a while, a state of affairs which i'm trying to remedy, and i'll also confess that, rather predictably for this old hog, there are a number of the fairer sex involved also... oh dear, it'll end in tears. Yes, if past experience is anything to go by (and, in fairness, what else is there, ultimately?), it almost certainly will. But one of them is such a walking goddess: intelligent, beautiful, witty, prodigeously talented, also (OMGs save me from the dark seductresses) young and equally black-hearted as i, myself. DLA's, my narcissism but a moth to her combustion... i'm doomed!She sent me this photo of herself the other day... really... what can a man do? I frankly don't care how much it hurts later. So i'm listening to Tormented Radio (it's in the tuner, check it) a lot right now.

That said, i've got a backlog of stuff to put up here: including, but not limited to (oh haha), a reply from my MP, a request for my name & address from the Vermont Legislature, more Imperialists Anonymous, and a full-on political manifesto. Oh, i shit (excuse my French, ahahaahahaah, get it?) you not, DLA's: the mighty edjog is going global... so, soon... I'm learning teasing from this sparkling darkling darling, too... actually i'm lying: i'm merely being reminded of dormant skills...

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Blogger pocketpunk said...

nice collar

21/2/06 08:18  
Blogger Disillusioned kid said...

Welcome back.

21/2/06 19:04  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

glad yer back...it's good to read some words from you...oooooo, yes, a lovely one she is and intelligent too??? you've struck gold!!!

22/2/06 00:53  
Blogger H5N1 said...


Is that who I think it is?!

22/2/06 23:40  
Blogger edjog said...

No mate, LOL! No, i said "prodigiously talented" not 'prodigiously desperate to be abused'! No, whilst i'm sure i could eat this chica alive, saving the immortal soul for elevenses, she's far too bright for me to fall into doing so accidentally, and has designs on my own canibalisation; perhaps even the means to achieve the aim also... oh mate, risk! I'm feeling alive again.

How's the delights of the latina working out for you?

23/2/06 18:12  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...


you've got me there, not even urban dictionary has a reference...

24/2/06 12:41  
Blogger edjog said...

elevenses = brunch, but when you have actually eaten breakfast as well. Toasted current tea cakes, butter and a brew stylee. A not insubstantial, but neither overly toothsome, repaste. Fucking hell! Where did that spring from? Repast! LOL! Mate, something weird's going on with my head at the minute... frankly, i daren't look too closely. Still, keeping up with the programme, it's all good. How's you?

25/2/06 03:03  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

i'm very well, although my muses seem to have temporarily deserted me and words are hard to come by...seems that Erato has taken an interest in you, however...

25/2/06 04:19  
Blogger edjog said...

Oh, Erato indeed! Calliope and Euterpe too, given the length of some of our comms and that i'm writing tune-age again! TBH, this chica fair displaces Sappho in the tenth spot... glad to hear you're well s_m.

25/2/06 20:33  
Blogger nameis said...

Oh wow - what a fab and joyful post - good for you edjog (yes, what can a person do when someone sends you a photo like that)*and so what if it ends in tears*.


I would.


3/3/06 17:23  
Blogger nameis said...

Oh yes, just noticed what Pp spoke of - yes, nice collar.

3/3/06 17:24  
Blogger That Damned Jezebel said...

Hey Maineiac i think i know you from somewhere around.

do you have a blog?

Hey, look you blog when you blog, things happen, we HOPE things happen. Shit if I wanna live with no diversions.

7/3/06 20:00  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

no blog of my own fosco, i enjoy just being a correspondent right now...looks like we've probably bumped into each other at "lose the noose" and other circles...

8/3/06 20:47  
Blogger shane said...

Hey edjog,
Miss the prolific updates, but it sounds like you've got more important things on your mind these days. Good luck with the new romance (and the new/old novel, too). Later

29/3/06 04:52  
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