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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tattoo Designs

So, the top one is my favourite font: "Durrow" from Scriptorium, with my embellishments. But it not only costs $18, which, uncharacteristically perhaps, i'd probably pay, but i don't have a live credit card anyway at the moment. Still, if i had, i'd have maxed it on albums i've heard on Tormented Radio recently: i've ordered VNV Nation's "Matter + Form" (which, incidentally, fucking rocks!) and BlutEngel's "The Oxidising Angel" anyway, on Switch from Amazon.co.uk... Combichrist, Seabound, Covenant, Velvet Acid Christ and Massiv In Mensch would surely have followed; possibly Suicide Commando, Icon of Coil and/or Apoptygma Beserk also; so sick of mp3's.

I can extract a 72 font size rendering from Scriptorium's preview page, but blowing it up to size leaves it jaggy as fuck and, as you can see, my Photoshop skills don't quite stretch far enough to doing it proper justice, going over it. I want it a little scruffy, but not that bad.

So, the second one is an idea for a 'tribal' stylee border, for the top one really, but again, i'm just not really that good at visual arts. The last one is an idea in case i can't get it sorted, but i don't think i'll get something permenently across my left breast that i'm less than happy with, in fairness...

My new paramour is going to have a look, as visual arts is her field, but any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, they've been running for ages now and we have opinions with which to go forward. The new windows will continue to open: you can always right click/control click a link to open it in a new tag. It seems politics has just edged it, along with Galloway and Bush in a boxing ring. DLA's, i can but try! But given the close run nature of things, the rest will get a look in and the unwarned language may creep back in, also (fuck it, eh?). Interestingly enough, it seems that those of you who have bothered to vote have come out in favour of stern punishment for the lick-spittle lacky scum, Bliar. Again, i can but try, LOL! New one now: >>

UPDATE: Oh yeah, more shameless self-agrandisement too, thus;That's more like it. But then again, i wasn't on the phone and doing something else as well...

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