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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well, they've been running for ages now and we have opinions with which to go forward. The new windows will continue to open: you can always right click/control click a link to open it in a new tag. It seems politics has just edged it, along with Galloway and Bush in a boxing ring. DLA's, i can but try! But given the close run nature of things, the rest will get a look in and the unwarned language may creep back in, also (fuck it, eh?). Interestingly enough, it seems that those of you who have bothered to vote have come out in favour of stern punishment for the lick-spittle lacky scum, Bliar. Again, i can but try, LOL! New one now: >>

UPDATE: Oh yeah, more shameless self-agrandisement too, thus;That's more like it. But then again, i wasn't on the phone and doing something else as well...

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Blogger pocketpunk said...

Talk about blowing your own trumpet...sheeesh!!!

I'm gifted apparently...course, I already knew this anyway

7/3/06 09:46  
Blogger That Damned Jezebel said...

shameless immodesty...thats cool. Hey, sexy hot chicks can flaunt it. Lets hear it for THE FLAUNTED MIND.

7/3/06 19:51  
Blogger edjog said...

Yeah fosco, that was the tip i was on. Felt a bit over the top, like, Pp. But then again, the rangy good looks and reckless daring being but a fond memory; i'm trying to cultivate a better self-image based on the raw intellect and experience...

I'm planning a tat this week also: the full-on new person approach to my life. Actually, i'll stick some design possibilities up, in another post: see what the world thinks...

7/3/06 20:08  
Anonymous some_maineiac said...

so, you were a mere 140-something on the Tickle IQ test a short time ago and now you're 165...which really makes you smarter? concentrating on a single task? or love? or is this last one a better test?

8/3/06 20:41  
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